18 March 2014

Updated Clear Stamp Storage

Hello there, I thought I would do a quick update on my clear stamp storage as I mentioned before that I would. It is nothing you haven't seen before. I have just jumped on the whole Avery Elle Stamp Pockets band wagon! I have all my sets in these apart from the taller sets which are in 5x8 zip lock bags from SSS. I have popped a bit of white cardstock inside (you can buy them already cut from SSS but I made my own) and labelled each one. For my Clearly Besotted Stamps I have the die set in the pocket too since I use them more often.
I have the pockets in the same Acrylic DVD boxes from Muji and they fit in perfectly. I have divided the stamps by manufacturer using plastic that I have cut from file folders. I have rounded the top corners and added a label to these also. I like this system as it is neat and tidy and you can flick through and see what you want to use.

Here is a video showing it up close:


Thanks so much for visiting me today, have a lovely day!


  1. Thanks for sharing your stamp storage system. I love watching your videos and getting ideas.

  2. well aren't you rather organised chick - quite impressed xxx

  3. Your clear stamp storage is like your cards : clever, neat and tidy :)

    I think you inspired me because storing my clear stamp in binders is not handy anymore. Going to change this !
    thanks a lot for the videos ^^

  4. Fantabulous - thank you xx

  5. Michelle, another fabulous video, I have these Muji clear boxes too, but my stamps are still in their original packaging. I think your idea looks much nicer (do you keep the original packaging)? Also, I have been looking for an idea for dividers, where did you get those plastic ones from? xx

  6. Amazing - fabulous system -- fabulous collection of stamps!! Wow.

  7. Hi Michelle, I love your storage ideas, you have had a big influence over my craft room organisation over the years but i have long way to go to be anywhere near your standard, mainly because I am a hoarder and have way way too much!! I am currently purging (well trying too), starting with my stamps. I am just doing my stamp storage and was wondering what folders you cut down to make the index cards for your stamp storage? Also, do you have wood mounted? If so how do you store those?



    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for your comment. I am really glad you find my storage helpful to you. The folders I use for the index cards are called clip files from Staples - http://www.staples.co.uk/quick-clip-colour-file/cbs/392682.html?promoCode=&Effort_Code=WW&Find_Number=392682&m=0 For the size I have them you can get 3 index cards out of each folder. Yes, I do have some wood mounted stamps. I just keep these in a DVD box that is on top of my cabinet - sorry I do not have a better solution for those! Hope that helps :)

    2. Thanks hun, one last question, what model is your label make, mine just broke and i am now looking to replace!

    3. So sorry for the delay in replying. The label maker I use is Dymo LetraTag one - https://goo.gl/o5779N It is very basic but I like it! :)


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