It all started back in 2007 with the basics ... (I had a desk to craft on but the majority of the room was a study with textbooks etc. in)

Jump forward two years to 2009 and it looked like this. A few extra craft bits creeping in ...


 2010 saw the Copic Marker obsession start and the text books reduce in size!


Jump forward another two years to 2012 and you can see the supplies are really taking over ...

Jump forward another two years and this is what it looked like in 2014 ...

As you can see it changed again quite a bit. The major thing being new desks. I also moved some products around so that it looked less crammed full.

It didn't change much from 2014 to 2015. I just moved a few things about. I did get a Raskog though and I love it!

You can see a full blog post about it HERE, along with a video tour, and links to the products I used for organisation.


As you can see, not that much changed really. I added in an extra Helmer unit under my desk and I moved my ink pad storage, 12x12" paper and 6x6" paper storage. I also moved things around on my Raskog. You can see the full tour HERE, as well as links to the products used.
I completely redecorated. I changed the colour on the walls to an aqua colour. I also changed my carpet to charcoal. I love how it came out! In terms of storage and furniture, I replaced one of the Helmer Units with an Alex Unit under my desk. I also got a new bookcase ...
This has given me more room for my stamps and dies. I also store my cardstock and papers in here. I love it!
You can see the full blog post with more photos, links to products and the video tours HERE.


Not much changed from 2017 to 2018, except for moving a few things around and streamlining the organisation. I also got a pegboard that I love!

You can see more photos, links and the full tour (including video) here :)


  1. Hi. I couldn't find the links you said you'd post with details on some of your storage solutions. Can you please tell me the brand of the tall multi-drawer cabinets next to/under your desk, and of the tall paper holding cube? Thanks so much! The room looks fantastic!

  2. Hi there, all the links to the items that I can link to are in the original blog post here - If you click on the label for craft room there are links to all items I use for each storage solution. The drawers under my desk are Helmer units by Ikea and the paper storage is by The Best Organiser which in the UK can be purchased from Storage 4 Crafts. I hope that helps! Thanks so much for your feedback.

  3. This is exactly what I have in mind and I am off to buy some boxes and sleeves tomorrow. Thanks for sharing as seeing it really helped. I'm amazed at how your room grew, same as me but I moved house to get a bigger room lol.

  4. Hi Michelle, I love your work and your craft space - I'm thinking about changing my Stamp Storage to something similar to yourself....approximately, how many stamp sets can you store in your Muji DVD boxes? if you don't mind :). We love you down in Australia too!

    1. Hi Wendy, thanks for your comment. You can fit approximately 55 sets in the DVD boxes. That includes sets with dies in the back (which would make them a bit thicker). I hope that helps :)

  5. It looks so organised and clean! Most of the time my craft table is hidden beneath layers of crafty stuff ;)

  6. Your craft room is awesome. It makes it so much easier when everything is organized. I started building up my crafting products about 3 1/2 years ago and now realize I need to organize my stuff. Sometimes I’m unable to find something because it’s buried under a bunch of crafting supplies...LOL

  7. Love your crafty space and your 2017 update. Thanks for taking the time to do this and for sharing your organization tips. :)

  8. Love love love your craft room! I am wanting to know please where you purchased the wire basket hanging off the Ikea trolley to hold your paper towel. Is that from Ikea too? Also the clear containers that are holding your stamp sets, where are they from please? I looked through your lists of what you had but I couldn't see those particular pieces.

    1. Thank you so much :) Yes, the wire basket is from Ikea. I don’t believe they have exact one anymore but they do have something similar. The clear DVD boxes that I hold my stamps in are from Muji but sadly they have been discontinued, sorry.

  9. Oh I envy you a craft room. Before I had to move house I had a gorgeous room, it had two beautiful desks, island in the l feel even room for my A0 drawing frame from a friend who had retired from car design. Now I have a table that gets put away at night looking at yours with mass longing x

  10. Hello Michelle,
    I love your room.
    I was wondering about your Copic storage. How big are the shelfs?
    Does the shelfs slant? I am thinking of making one like yours. ��

    Thank you for sharing your room!


    1. Hi Erika, thank you so much :) The cubbies (outside measurements) are 35.6cm in height, 11cm in width and 14cm in depth. The individual shelves do slant back slightly, yes. I hope this helps. I apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

  11. Dear Michelle
    Love your neat and tidy craft room. I am mobile as i shuttle between Sri Lanka and New Zealand and sm are here and some are there. I am planning on getting a mobile trolley as that will help me for the moment. Love and hugs


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