8 December 2013

Storage Sunday - Ribbon

Hello there, last week I said that that one would be my last Storage Sunday feature. Well, I completely forgot about ribbon and ink pad storage. Today I am sharing with you how I store my  non-reeled ribbon (my full rolls are in my Embellishment storage) and next week, for the last episode I will share how I store my ink pads.
I have quite a lot of ribbon that I have bought in meters or yards so not on rolls or spools. I was never sure how to store these and then a few years back I came across the idea of rolling the pieces up and popping them in the Embellishment boxes from Cropper Hopper. The individual boxes all fit into the larger Embellishment Cases.
I love that you can pull how much you need from the boxes, cut the desired length and it is still all nice and neat in the box. I also like that they can be organised into manufacturer, type of ribbon or like I have in colour order. I have the mini boxes, which hold up to 12mm wide ribbon and the cube boxes which hold up to 19-20mm wide ribbon. In each box you can fit at least 5 meters of ribbon which is great. I have used this system for quite a long time now and I still find it useful.
The other side of the box is one large section which I hold more packets of ribbon that are flat or twine that come in packets.
Here is the video showing you what the system is like:
I hope that some of you may found that helpful. I think that it is neat way of storing ribbon. I think the boxes were originally made for brads, buttons etc. but I think they work really well with the ribbon. How do you store yours? Thanks so much for watching.


  1. Wow, Michelle, you are so organized! Love your ribbon storage system and would totally adopt it if I only had room. Loved looking at all the beautiful colors you have and the way they were arranged. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is such a fabulous storage idea Michelle. I definitely NEED some of those boxes!
    My ribbon is really in such a mess and it always takes me far to long to find what I want!
    I hope you are having a good weekend
    Sue xx

  3. So organised - what do you do with the much smaller scraps that are just a few centimetres long? I have a drawer stuffed full of them!


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