2 November 2016

VIDEO | Craft Room Tour 2016

Hello there, if you have followed me for a little while, you will know how much I love craft organisation and storage. I am forever changing up the way I organise craft products so that they work better for me. I know not everyone can work the way I do, but I love my room to be clean and tidy - I guess you could say my room is clean and simple, just like my card style!

I changed a few things up this year. I added in an extra Ikea Helmer unit under my desk. This now holds my ever growing collection of colouring mediums - pencils, paints etc. I also changed up my 6x6" paper storage (I just moved where they were stored, not the actual organisation for them) and my ink pads storage. To move my inks, I also had to move my 12x12" paper and cardstock storage. This was a good things as they were taking up a lot of space that wasn't necessary.

My main craft desk remains pretty much the same. I just changed up how I film videos. I now have a Manfrotto Magic Arm that is attached to my wall and I can film from directly above (I used to have a monopod that attached to my shelf). I have more about that and links to the products over on my FAQ page.


Enough of my waffling, here is the full video tour:

Like I said in the video, I do have a lot of stuff! I do get comments on occasions about it and I always respond with the same answer. I have been crafting a long time! I do get some products sent to me but I do buy a lot also. I love crafting, I work hard in my real job so that I can afford to buy supplies. It is all just a lifestyle choice :)
As mentioned in the video. I do have separate videos and blog posts on how I store a certain product up close. For ease of finding them, I have the blog post linked below:


Here are the links to what I have used on the card. Please click on the picture or wording to be taken to where I purchased it. Affiliate links are used on some products. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking on my link, I receive a small commission with no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support when using these links.

Thank you so much for visiting me today. I hope that I may have given you some ideas for storing your craft supplies. I hope you have a great day!


  1. People can be terribly judgemental of others, but it's exactly that, a lifestyle choice! As I said to one of my friends, I don't smoke, drink, hardly ever go out for meals or buy clothes unless necessary, so I can buy craft supplies. My children won't starve as a result of my spending - lol! I love your craft room tours. Off to watch, especially as I need to work out how to store my enamel accents and other little bottles of things :) xx

  2. Hi Michelle, loved your craft room tour, you're so organised! Do you know where I can get some stamp storage pockets that will fit the large MFT stamp sets? Hugs Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, the large Avery Elle pockets are linked in the supplies list - https://sevenhillscrafts.co.uk/extra-large-stamp-and-die-storage-50-per-pack.html they are the ones I use. Thanks for visiting :)

  3. As you know, I love your space!! Have for a long time!! I need to look into doing a camera set up like what you have! I'd love to see how you do your backgrounds for your cards sometime. ❤❤

  4. Love your craft area! It's soooo neat and organized.

  5. Hi Michelle, thank you for your video. I love seeing your organizational videos, they have given me lots of ideas to help how I store my craft stuff. I'm off now to look at 6" pad storage!!

  6. Great video. So well organized. Love that you have natural light coming into the room. Thank you for sharing where you create very lovely projects.

  7. Michelle your room is so well organised! Love seeing the changes you have made since last time! The colours are so calm and tranquil.
    I sent my daughter a link to your Raskog cart set up, she used many of your ideas to have a small portable craft area.
    Thanks so much for sharing xx

  8. your room is beautiful........ I have been crafting for 15 yrs + and have got way too much stuff. Fancy a trip to France to help me organise my room ? :-)

  9. Thank you for the tour, Michelle! Your craft studio is beautiful and so incredibly well-organized!! You seem to always be able to find just the right containers for all of your crafting goodies! Thanks for sharing the links to where you purchased many of the items.

  10. Wow Michelle what a great craft room so light and airy and SO SO organised but I was interested in your storage things especially the stamp and die storage...thank you for sharing..


  11. Thank you for your latest craft room tour Michelle. I always get ideas from you on how to better store my craft room. x

  12. Love your craft room, when I eventually get mine decorated I'll be "borrowing" some of your ideas! I hate that people make you feel you need to justify how you spend your own money, they should mind their own business - I totally agree with what Ruth says.

  13. I love your room Michelle, can I hire you to come do mines? Please!! No matter how hard I try I can never get it to stay neat n tidy, ever!!! Anyhoo don't you listen to these nosey folks and never explain yourself as to why or how you do something you love!! We love what you do and very appreciative of the time spent on doing videos and posting lots of cool stuff, just for us!

    Huge big cyber hugs
    Roni :D xox


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