10 March 2008


Since I started up this blog people have always been complimentary about my colouring (thank you!) and a few people have asked me how I colour my images in. I thought I would do a couple of quick tutroials about how I colour my images in. I would just like to say that I am no expert at all and I would still love to improve my own colouring technique!

First of all I thought I would show you how I colour using watercolour pencils. I first decide where I want the lighter areas and the darker ones. If I want the image to be lighter in the middle, like for this image, I go around the insides of the outline of the stamp using my pencils.

Then taking my waterbrush I drag the colour into the middle of the image whilst blending. If I want to add more colour afterwards I then either colour directly onto the image again with the pencil to build the colour up or take some of the colour off the pencil directly with my warebrush and colour onto the image.

I hope that this may have helped some people. With regards to the paper I use, I actually rarely use watercolour paper, mainly because I cannot find a colour that matches my cardstock. I usually use fairly thick card so that it doesn't warp with the water. The great thing about watercoloring though is that lots different types of card work well, smooth or textured. If I am using my Whispers brush markers to colour in an image I usually use this method too! I love watercolouring and it is probably the technique that I use the most.


  1. Thanks for sharing your technique, it's a great help. Can you do this with normal paper/card?. x

  2. Michelle your a STAR, thank you sooo very much for that great information. I bought some Sansodor a few weeks ago and was at a loss. I have practised and getting a tad better, just bought some really good quality watercoloured paper 300gsm that makes all the difference. Haven't tried the paperstump, that's new to me, will def give that a try. Huge thanks again for a great tutorial with clear pics and easy to read instructions (lol!!) xx vicki xx

  3. Thanks for the tutorial Michelle, and the lovely PIF that you sent me. It was a nice surprise to come home to after a hard day at work.
    xx :0)

  4. Very clear tutorial Michelle, well done!


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