10 March 2008

Colour Pencils and Sansodor

Another colouring technique that I have actually only fairly recently starting using is using Sansodor mineral spirit with colour pencils. I personally use Derwent Coloursoft pencils but I know a lot of people use Prismacolor pencils from USA. Sansodor is a make of mineral spirits by Winsor & Newton. When I first started, I used an odourless mineral spirit but for some reason it didn't seem to blend the colours that well which is why, with the help of Sue, I managed to get hold of some Sansodor.

First of all, like how I do my watercolouring, I see where I want the shadows and the light and then in the case of this image, I want the shadows around the edges with lighter in the inside to give a roundness to the character. I have gone around the inside of the lines with the pencil.

I then dip my paperstump into the Sansodor. A paperstump is just a rolled up bit of paper that has a blunt end is great for using with mineral spirit to blend the colours in. I have used a paint brush before which also works well but I like using the paperstump better. With the paperstump dipped into the Sansodor I use the end to blend the colour into the centre of the image. I find that circluar motions work best for me! As you can see in the first picture I have just coloured half of the ducks tummy in.

I then carry on with the rest of the image. I generally colour all the bits that are the same colour and then go on to the next. I also usually go from light to dark as some of the colour does stay on the end of the paperstump.

I would say to use farly thick card or watercolour paper as the mineral spirit do seep through a bit on to the back of the card, it does dry qucikly though. So that is it! again, I hope that it has helped a few of you! Happy colouring!


  1. Michelle you are just soooo clever and now i'm totally baffled with all these different techniques - But hopefully i'll get around to trying them all out and see what suits me best. Thanks so much for all the valuble information.
    Love Pam xxx

  2. These look great - thanks for sharing Michelle.

  3. Looks great! Fabulous technique!

  4. Great tutorials Michelle always nice to see how other people get the effects and what papers they use!! Sue :o)

  5. Thank you for the tutorials Michelle. I recently ordered blending tips. Hope they are the same. I will have to color something after they arrive and see what comes of it.

  6. Thanks for the tutorial! Everyone is SO right, your coloring is beautiful!

  7. You did a wonderful job! It's my favorite way to color!

  8. Fab tutorial Michelle ,great water colouring ,thanks for sharing ,Dawnx

  9. Thanks again for the tutorial. I've been thinking about getting a better set of watercolour pencils to help improve my colouring. How do you know/decide where to have the shadows? I usually copy what's shown on the wooden rubber stamps.
    xx :0)

  10. Your coloring is great. OMS and Prisma Pencils are my very favorite way to color images. I think I need more practice with the watercoloring! I feel like I have more control with the prismas and OMS. Love that duck stamp. He just looks so happy! Thanks for sharing.

  11. A fab tutorial Michelle - and you inspire with your wonderful results!

  12. thanks for that Michelle i have just bought some today, will play 2moro i hope, sue.x

  13. Thanks for the tutorial- I have just bought some Prismas and was looking around for tips- very helpful.

  14. Thank you soooo much for for the tutorial!!
    Hadn't a clue what Sansador was.
    Then found your blog.
    Thanks again very helpful.


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