1 December 2013

Storage Sunday - Embossing Folders & Felt

Hello there, welcome back to another edition of my storage series. Today I have two different items to show you: how I store my embossing folders and how I store my felt. These have no connection but since they are both short videos I thought I would add them both together on the same post.
First up is my embossing folders. I have quite a few embossing folders from different companies. Most of them are the same size and I have them stored in an old Maya Road tin. They fit in there nicely and I can flick through and see what I have. I label each folder with a black permanent marker. Here is a little look a bit closer up ...
Next up is my felt. I have two types - Papertrey Ink rolls and Dies to Die for sheets. For my PTI rolls I have cut them in half and added three rolls into one of the original packaging bag to save space. I keep these in one of the drawers in my 'embellishment centre'. The other felt which I use is by DTDF, these come in 12"x12" sheets and I cut them up in to A4 sheets. I have them in a plastic folder which I got from Ryman's (they also sell them in Staples and Tesco's I think). You can see this a bit closer up here ...
I think that is the end of my Sunday Storage series. Thank you so much to those who have watched my videos and left comments, I really do appreciate it. I hope my ideas may have helped some of you store your craft items. **EDA: I forgot, there are still two more videos I want to film for this series - off cuts of ribbon and ink pad storage!** Thank you so much for visiting me today.


  1. Love the videos. I also store my embossing folders like that in a similar tin labeled in black marker.

  2. I loved each and every one of your storage videos! Thank you for taking the time to put them together! I hope you have another idea for a video series. I really enjoy your take on things! Happy Holidays!

  3. Love your video's Michelle and its very appreciated that you took the time out to create them!! I hope you have more up your sleeve??

    Big hugs
    Roni :D xox


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