17 November 2013

Storage Sunday - Tools

Hello there, I am back with another edition of Storage Sunday. Today I am focussing on tools. I have a ton of tools, more than I am sure I need but I like to have a tool for everything just in case! I keep  all of the smaller ones together in a spinning carousel. You can buy these from various places but I got mine from Great Little Trading Co. They have changed it since I bought mine, mine is bigger and has drawers whereas the newer one I think is slightly smaller and doesn't have drawers. It is cheaper than when I bought mine though and I still think it is a good buy.
Here is a video showing you what is in my carousel ...

The larger tools that I own - cutting mats, score boards, trimmers etc. I keep mainly under my desk. I will be doing a new whole room tour soon, if anyone wants to see?, and they can be seen then.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how I store my tools and which ones I have. I know I love seeing what tools people use and how they use them ... I am nosey like that! Thank you for visiting me today. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  1. You are so organised (-: Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm a tool junkie too - you can never have too many! Great video, if I ever get a craft room I'll be "borrowing" some of your ideas!!


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