25 September 2013

Cardstock Comparison 2

Hello there, if you saw my Cardstock Comparison post and video you will know that I have been looking for a cardstock that is comparable to the Papertrey Ink Stampers Select white cardstock. In my last video I tested and compared 16 different white cardstocks to see if they a. stood up to being used as a card base, b. how well they worked with stamping and c. how well they worked with Copic Markers.
Since then I have been given some more suggestions (thank you) and I have three here that I think are very good. They are Craftwork Cards Premium Smooth White 250gsm cardstock, Kanban 300gsm Stamping Card and the Joanna Sheen Elegance Satin Ice White 300gsm cardstock.
Here is what I thought of them ... 
As I addressed in the video, the gsm of the cardstock is not how thick the cardstock is, that is measured in mic/Microns. My thinking is that the heavier the cardstock, the thicker it is more likely to be; obviously this is not always true and I apologise if anyone was mislead by my original video.
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  1. This is really helpful Michelle. I'm also a stickler for heavy weight cardstock for my bases and if one make fit all uses I'd be soooo impressed. I tend to go off the GSM number too. I've never used Papertrey Ink and at the moment I'm using The Papermill Direct card but I'm not one for copics so haven't tested it on that but would be interested in any opinions you have on The papermill products. If I am colouring and it would be pro-markers I find Rymans sell good card which is coated and doesn't cause bleeding but although it's 250gsm it's not heavier enough for a card base. I never realised there were so many shades of white! If you need any samples let me know. Sarah x

  2. Thank you for sharing your results Michelle. I have recently bought some of the Joanna Sheen card and found it really good for colouring with my Prormakers, I also like that it is a nice pure white too.
    Sue xx

  3. Thanks very much for this Michelle, you've saved me some money! I was thinking of changing from my Xerox Colotech Plus when it runs out but now I think I'll stick with it after all.

  4. HI Michelle

    I've just been watching your video of card comparison with interest. I use Splendorgel bright white card - which I get through my local printers... it is the best card I've ever used - and believe me, I've tried a lot! It's 280 gsm and is a perfect weight for card bases... doesn't bleed, is perfectly smooth for stamping and copic blending.. and most importantly, it's NOT a blue/grey white which I hate.. I'm told by the printers that the manufacturers use what is in biological washing powder in the process which gives the blue/grey/white shading. It also goes through my printer for digi images.

    My local printers will order it for me in bulk - and will cut it to any size for me - although I do tend to get it larger and cut down to card size myself. I think my last box of 500 x A4 worked out to around £36.

    Hope that helps - if you'd like me to send you a sample, I will do.

    Christine x

  5. Hi Michelle

    I've got an update for you regarding Kanban. I recently managed to get hold of a couple of packs of the superior stamping card 300gsm from eBay but did struggle to find it. I've since searched for it on Google and saw a post from a few months ago saying that Kanban had gone into administration so perhaps that's why its not readily available. Such a shame as its a really lovely weight cardstock. Create & Craft used to stock a lot of Kanban products but no longer for sale on their website so it must be true.

    Thanks for your comparisons, there's a real lack of craft shops in South Devon so great to know what to look for online :) x

  6. I can't currently play this vid on my phone, but I'll watch later. Thanks in advance for posting.


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