12 May 2013

Storage Sunday - Cardstock & Paper

Hello there, a while back I asked if you would like to see more storage videos from me. One of the top requests was to show I store my cardstock and paper. Another big question was how I store my scraps of said products. I used to have a big box with them all in but I found that I just didn't use them and went straight for the paper pad, 12x12" or A4 sheet. I hated wasting them but that was just how my mind works.

So what I decided to do was store my scraps with the particular size of cardstock/paper. This works so much better for me. I will use this first before cutting onto a new sheet. With the exception of 6x6 patterned papers, I do not keep the little scraps; I just recycle them as I know that I will not end up using them. I know that is bad for a crafter to say but I am trying really hard not to hoard!

Here is the side of my wall that doesn't have my desks on (since my craft room is so small I really only have two useable walls)

I have my shelving unit from Ikea (sadly no longer sold), my 6x6" paper pads are in photo storage boxes from Cropper Hopper. I have managed to purge most of my paper pads recently which I am so happy with and I now only have four boxes full (I did have 6!) Here is a little video showing my 6x6" storage a little closer ...

On the top shelf I store my A4/11x8½" cardstock/paper in magazine files from Muji. I find it easy to see what I am looking for but I think it all looks neat. I love how the PTI cardstock looks - so pretty! Here is a quick video showing you close up ...

I then have my 12x12" paper and cardstock in the unit from The Best Organiser/Stackables which is next to the shelving unit. I got mine from Storage 4 Crafts. I love it! It holds it all neatly and in whatever order I want. I have my cardstock at the top and then patterned paper below. I keep larger scraps of this cardstock/paper here too. Here is a little video showing close up what it is like ..

Last but not least, remember I said I recycle small scraps? Well I have two little baskets on the top of my shelving unit that I put the scraps in. These get emptied weekly but if there is just a small piece of cardstock I need, I will look in here first!

Not the prettiest but is functional!

I hope you enjoyed this new feature to my blog? Let me know what you think. Thanks so much for visiting me today, hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend!


  1. Thanks Michelle loved it can not wait for more :)
    Hugs Mel

  2. Thanks Michelle, these are really helpful. And thanks for introducing me to Muji, from the website it looks like there are quite a few things I could use to help me get organised. Still so envious of your craft room, unless I can find some money to buy a house instead of my little flat I'll have to continue to make do with my cupboard! Boo! :) xx

  3. Hi Michelle, love your new organizational videos. Thanks for inspiring us! Also your new card tutorials! So nice of you to share....Audrey from Greece!xxxx

  4. Hi Michelle, love your new organizational videos. Thanks for inspiring us! Also your new card tutorials! So nice of you to share....Audrey from Greece!xxxx

  5. I never would have thought to store my 6x6 pads in a photo storage box! Makes perfect sense, though, and it would free up a lot of room in my cabinet. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Thanks for sharing this Michelle. I enjoy seeing how others organise their stash. Yours is very organised.

  7. I love your video's Michelle!

    We are always looking for ways to organise our little craft spaces and you showing us around and giving us some inspiration from the card grotto is great, so thank you! Please keep them coming!

    Clear stamps next please?? I've got a basket full of clear stamps and don't kno where to start!! Should I organise it by brand, content, occasions???? Help!

    Big hugs
    Roni :D xox

  8. I couldn't understand what you said about the 12x12 papers. Did you say StorageBookcrafts.com? I need the paper shelfs. Thanks.

    1. Hi Judy, they are from here - http://www.storage4crafts.co.uk/shop/index.php/furniture/best-craft-organiser/drawers-inserts/paper-shelf-for-best-organiser-white.html Thank you!


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