19 April 2009

My Little Bit About Copics

I have had a few questions about Copics again recently so I thought I would just add my little bit on here in the hope that it helps a few of you. As you can see from the photo below I have a mixture of Copic Ciaos, Sketches and Originals. I like all three really but it was just what was available to me at the time, I like the Ciaos as they are a little cheaper than the other two but they do come in less colours. I started off with the Ciaos and built up the colour families with the sketches and then got a few of the originals as I was unable to get the colours in the sketch type at that time.

I store mine in these acrylic desk tidies, if you buy the sets these are what they come in. I myself just buy the pens seperately so bought these for them to be stored in. I got mine from All That Scraps in Canada and Cult Pens here in the UK which is where I buy the majority of my Copic pens too. I try and store them in their colour families so it easier for me to find when colouring an image.

In terms of colouring I use a thick cardstock - mostly the Softies range from Craftwork Cards. As this is so thick it will dry my pens out quicker than using thinner cardstock but persoanlly I like this cardstock and it works well for me. I would love to know what card you like working with using Copics? I always stamp with Memento Tuxedo Black as this has never run for me. I used to use Airondack Pitch Black but I did find that it did run on certain cardstocks. I definately wouldn't recomment Stazon though for Copics, that defiantely does run.

So for choosing the shades that I want? Well I tend to pick one colour and then pick the shade below and above. So for example here I have chosen R83 so I have also chosen R81 for the lighter shades and R85 for the darker shades.

I personally add the darker shades first and then add the next darker shade over this and run a bit further over and then the lighter shade. I used to do it the other way around but have been doing this recently and feel it works better for me. I am happy to do a mini picture tutorial of how I colour but there is so many about I don't think it would be worth it for any of you!! A tip I would say is that some shades of colours you can go over again and it will become darker and you may not need to use a darker marker but this does not work with all the colours. Although the more layers you add the darker it will become. I use greys if I want to colour black as the black pen is so dark you cannot shade with this. I use the blender pen for correcting mistakes and also for shading around the image for sky/grass.

I pick the colour I want to use from my Copic Colour chart. I have a blank one which I have added the colours that I have beside. I find this great for trying to match the colour to my cardstock/patterned paper that I want to use in the card I am making. Please feel free to e-mail me for one if you don't have one.

Well, I hope this may have helped some of you. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and if I can help I will, however I am far from an expert using these pens!


  1. i love your collectio of copics.. thanks 4 the info.. i hope to start getting some soon... so info will come in very handy for me...!!!

  2. Thanks for this Michelle. Still having trouble with mine, generally where I'm shading. That and my ink is starting to run. The colour bleeds through and I never know if it is the cardstock or the ink. I've been using Brilliance may have to try a Memento pad.
    Personally, I would love to see a picture tutorial of how you colour the Elzybells bears as they always look amazing!
    xx :0)

  3. Hi Michelle Thank you so much for the info hun im gonna e-mail you i could do with a colour chart!!!

  4. Brilliant info Michelle and thanks for sharing. I use Bristol Board when colouring with Copics, or if I've run out I use that one you e-mailed me about a few months ago, " Bits n Pieces " ultra smooth 290 gsm. I also stamp with Memento. I knew about Copic Ciao's and Sketches but didn't realise there was another type,do they also sell that version at Cult Pens?? See you do learn something new each day. Thanks Michelle xx vicki xx

  5. Thanks Michelle, this is fab! It's always great to see the colours that other people have as its nice to know the colour combos they use.

    I am very envious of your storage cases too as my box is driving me crazy now I have so many. ATS is out of stock of the Ciao ones, and Cult Pens don't stock the ones for Ciao. I've found some sketch ones though, will my Ciaos fit in there ok or will they whibble? ~♥~

  6. Hi Michelle, good idea with the colour chart. I'd love a chart but can't find your email address on your blog. Mine is andrea@do-it.co.uk if you could point me in the direction of where to download a chart i'd be very grateful. P.s. great cards xx


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