22 April 2015

VIDEO | MISTI: Initial Review

Hello there, since buying the MISTI, I have had a fair amount of requests to do a review on it. In an ideal world I would have had the tool a few months before doing the review. I didn't want to leave it that long as I know it would more helpful for you to get that review now. I do have to add though, that this is an initial review since I have not used it that much, nor got to grips with all it's capabilities. I also have to add that this is my personal opinion, obviously everyone's is going to be different :)
*If you want to see the video without all the blog talk, please scroll below*
I have been stamping approx. 10 years now. I wouldn't say I was an expert but I am definitely not a beginner. One thing I do have trouble with is double stamping, even with a Stamp Positioner, I cannot get it to line up. This means if I stamp something splotchy, I just have to re-do it. I watched A LOT of videos on using the MISTI before I purchased it. Each one I saw said great things about it. Everyone loved it! There were a few things that caught my eye on how to use it, that pushed me over the edge to purchase it ...
Like I said above, I just cannot do this by eye. Even with a Stamp Positioner I just cannot line it up. With the MISTI you don't have to. If the cardstock/paper is left in the same place you can just re-ink the stamp and close the lid again to stamp and it will be in the perfect place. This is helpful if not only, the first image wasn't stamped properly but also if you wanted a darker shade of ink.
I shared a card yesterday using the Vintage Roses stamp set by Altenew. The MISTI is really helpful in lining up these kind of stamps that are multi-step. I got better as time went on, realising where to place the stamp but to start with, they were a little off. You still need to be able to use your eyes to see where to line up the stamp so there is still room for error. It is not a fool-proof system! To get it perfect, I would suggest using a piece of plastic/acetate to stamp on to first to check if the placement is correct. If it is, you can then remove the plastic and stamp. If it isn't, you can adjust the placement of the stamp and try again.
Have you tried lining up background border stamps before? I have to say, I do struggle to do it by eye. I can get a few rows done but then I think I seem to loose concentration and mess up. Up to now, I have probably used a stamp positioner to do it if I was covering a large area. With the help of the MISTI you can line them up a lot easier.
Yep, you heard it correctly. With the use of a template, you can stamp sentiments in a circular design. I have to be honest and say, I haven't tried it yet but it looks great. Here is a video by Maureen Wong showing how to do it.
If you wanted to make patterns using smaller stamps, that you wanted correctly lined up, it would be difficult doing it by eye. Again, you could use a Stamp Positioner but using the MISTI is a bit quicker and possibly easier. Here is a video by Caryn Davis showing how to do it.
I have always used the method of stamping first and then die cutting, even with sold dies. I shared THIS video a few years back on how I do it. You could, however, do it quite easily and precisely, the other way round with the MISTI. I share how to do it in the video.


Here are the links to what I have used in the video. Please click the picture to be taken to where I purchased it.

So overall, I think it is a great tool. Is it worth the money? Everyone will have their own opinion on that. It is a lot of money, especially with international shipping. The fact that people are now stamping when they felt they couldn't before, is great! If you are good at lining up stamps, then maybe the MISTI will not be for you. I will say though, that I am happy I bought it! :)

EDA: I have been asked if I paid customs fees when I bought the MISTI. Yes, I did. I had to pay approx. £16 for VAT and Royal Mail Handling Fee (combined).


  1. Thanks Michelle that's really helpful. Always appreciate your honest reviews. X

  2. Thank you for this video and review, Michelle. I don't have a MISTI yet and have been debating about whether I "need" one or not. I found your post and video very informative and helpful. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you Michelle that was really helpful. Cost is the issue, otherwise mine would have been on order ages ago! I'd definately use it, but it will stay on my wish list for just a little longer. Thank you for doing the video. Lisa xx

  4. Hi Michelle, I bought the misti too and it has been one of my best ever investments. Particularly good with large cling stamps which are hard to get a good impression with. I just stamp repeatedly until I get the clarity and no wasted cardstock.one thing I have tried is to print a frame on a square card by using a cluster of small stamps on one corner and then rotating the cardstock until all for corners match.love this tool. X

  5. Thank you Michelle :) I would like a MISTI, but I think it will be on my wishlist for a while. Please do more videos as you find out more things, I would find it really useful.


  6. Hi Michelle very helpful video. One question did you have to pay duty when it arrived and if so how much x

  7. Hi Denise. I hope you see this! Yes, I did have to pay customs fees, approx. £16 in total. I know a lot of people that didn't though. It just depends on what they look at! Glad you liked the video and found it helpful! x

  8. Great review Michelle, especially the die cut/stamp section. My MISTI finally arrived and I love it, just being able to re stamp something a second time with perfect line up is fab xx

  9. Thanks for the great video, Michelle. I've been debating investing in the MISTI, and your views on the tool itself and on the extras is incredibly helpful. And thanks too for sharing all of your wonderful creations on your blog ... I always enjoy visiting you!! XxX


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