9 December 2014

VIDEO | How I store ... Stencils

Hello there, today I popping in to share my stencil storage with you. I have built up quite a collection of them over the last year or two and wanted a storage solution for them. I have, until now, just had them in a drawer in their original packaging. I had seen Jennifer McGuire's storage solution and although I loved it, I didn't have the shelf space for a container. I still wanted to be able to flip through and see what I have though.

While looking in my swatch binder for a colour of cardstock, I thought to myself 'I wonder if my stencils will fit in this'. Once I had established that they would fit, I purchased another binder (it is the Simple Stories Snap Binder) and a bunch of inserts for it. I have my 6x6 stencils in the full 6x8 pockets, my 3x6 stencils in the 4x6 pockets and the small 3x3 stencils in the 3x4 pockets. I bought mine from Craftie Charlie, Hey Little Magpie and Craft Island. They also sell them at Simon Says Stamp and various other places.

I added a piece of printer paper into each pocket, added each stencil in and then labelled the pocket with my label maker. Since stencils are so thin you could you both sides of the pockets but for now, since I have the room, I am just using one side of them. I was undecided as to how I would organise the stencils in the binder - by manufacturer, by type, by size etc. for now, I gone with manufacturer although I haven't added any dividers or anything, as I wanted the ability to just flick though and see everything I have.
Here is the video showing it in more detail:


Since making this video, I have used the system a couple of times and it worked great! I love that it takes up very little space but I still have tons more room if I get more stencils. I can also flip through and see what I have, hopefully this will mean that I use them more. Thanks so much for visiting me today.


  1. What a great idea I will have to try and find something like that to work in my craft stash as well. I only have 2 stencils so far but I'm hoping to keep adding to the collection!

  2. Mine are all scattered around. This is a good idea - keeping them all in one place!

  3. Wonderful storage solution! Thank you for sharing this video! I, too, am building up a collection of stencils and need a practical way to store them. I think this is perfect!

  4. Genius! I am buying a binder this evening. Thanks for a great idea!

  5. Thank you very much Michelle! I have just been over and they are out of stock, so have put them on my wishlist! Have a great New Year! Hazel xx

    1. You are welcome, Hazel :) They are a different design but Hey Little Magpie have these ones too - http://www.heylittlemagpie.com/albums/albums.html?brand=8 xx


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