4 December 2014

VIDEO | Card Making Haul Oct & Nov 2014

Hello there, I am back today with my (very late) haul video for October and November. As you will see in the video I bought a lot of penguin related items these last two months! :)
Here is what I got:


As mentioned in the video, I have decided not to do monthly haul videos anymore. I have been doing them for over two years now and as much as I love sharing these with you, it has meant that I am not using the products as much or at all during the month. So, instead of doing monthly haul videos I am going to go back to doing random ones instead. Hopefully this will be better for me, in terms of using the products, and also I hope you will like them too.
Thanks so much for visiting me today and again thank you to everyone that is sending me wishes.


  1. Hi Michelle

    My computer died and I have only just got back on line again. I am so sorry to hear you have been poorly :( Hopefully you are now on the mend.

    I will be here to watch your videos whenever you choose to make them; so do whatever is best for you.

    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year


  2. I love that I finally get to see a haul video from you. I was so excited I started watching immediately. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all and I'm really looking forward to seeing more videos from you soon!

  3. Hi Michelle, love watching your haul videos, sorry you have not been well, hope you are on the mend x

  4. Hello Michelle,

    I just wanted to say how inspirational your blog is, and that I really enjoy your videos, I hope you feel better soon.

    best wishes Jackie.

  5. Whether you post one every month or one every 6 months I love watching them all!! I've subscribed on you tube so I even watch your older ones taken in front of your chubbies (I think that's what you called them?) you do what's best for you Michelle!! Sending you big hugs and I hope you get answers from your Specialist!!

    Take care
    Roni :D xox

  6. I always enjoy your videos, Michelle! Hope you are feeling better and better with each new day!


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