21 December 2013

I Say ... Merry Christmas!

Hello there, I am not a big mass card producer. Although I often think it will be easier making two or so of a design so I have one on hand, for some reason I just don't do it and I make new cards. The only exception to this is at Christmas time. Usually I mass produce my cards for my family (aunts, uncles, cousins etc.) but this year as I made so many Christmas cards in advance for my DT work, I have enough to give them all individual ones. I wanted to make some for my friends though, and for this I have made them all the same, with just a slight variation in papers.
The design is one of my own which I made for this card HERE. I thought with the added snowflakes it would make a nice Christmas design. I ended up making them production line style; I made and cut all the card bases, then embossed them all, then made all the sentiment strips, then cut the papers, cut the snowflakes and then right at the end I could put them altogether. Once I got going it didn't take me too long.

Thank you so much for visiting me today, hoping you are staying warm in this cold weather in the UK. If you are elsewhere in the world I hope you are staying warm too, or if it is hot where you are, staying cool! :0)


  1. These are great, Michelle. I remember loving the previous card you made using this design as I LOVE that embossed background. Really lovely variations of the same design, great job :) xx

  2. OMG!! Such gorgeousness!! love your cards!!
    My Craft World

  3. These are stunning Michelle, such a fabulous design and I love the way you have varied them by using a different mix of papers and colours.
    Sue xx

  4. These are darling Michelle. Love the card design.

  5. gorgeous Michelle!! and I looove mine ;) xxx have a lovely Christmas and hope your toe is healing xx ♥

  6. Great idea Michelle! I should take a leaf out of yours and Stephanie's books! I think it would be lot easier. Love your chosen design and I'm sure the recipients will be as pleased as punch with them.
    Have a lovely happy and healthy Christmas my friend!xxx

  7. Lovely design for a mass produced card!

  8. Thank you for mine, it's lovely! Hope you have a fab Christmas xx

  9. Hi sweetie such a gorgeous creations and even more stunning in real life :0), huggles Pops x x x


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