24 November 2013

Storage Sunday - Copic Markers

Hello there, for my Storage Sunday post this week I am sharing how I store my Copic Markers. I do have a few other marker pens but as my main colouring medium is Copics, that is what my main storage is for. I have four Color Cubbies from Studio 3 Solutions which sit on my desk. They hold all 358 Markers as well as the two sets of Copic Spica pens (plus my two Wink Of Stella pens also). I love that firstly they are white in colour, secondly that they have slightly slanted shelves so that the markers are easy to grab but thirdly and most importantly, I love that they look nice! I think that they show off the pretty colours of the markers beautifully. I have them in the same colour order as the Copic Colour Chart.
Here is a little video showing the units and my Copic Markers up close ...
If you are one of my lovely readers from the UK you need to note that these are from the US. Yes, I had them shipped all the way over as at that time there was nothing even remotely similar made in the UK. Personally I think they are worth the shipping cost as I love them but I know most people would disagree with that!
Some other suggestions for those living in the UK are Vixx Handmade Storage, the original Copic Acrylic Storage Stands and Valentines Copic Storage Cubbies (half way down the page). Please note however, that I have not used the storage from Vixx or Valentines before so I cannot comment on what the actual items are like. They look good one screen though! There are also tons of other ideas across the web and on You Tube but as I am getting questions about mine I thought I would share it with you. How do you store your pens? I would love to hear or see.
Hope that might have helped some of you, thank you so much for visiting me today.


  1. Great video. I also have those shelves and love them.

  2. I have the cube from Vixx handmade storage and love it... i got to decorate it myself :-)
    great Vid as always michelle

    jen xx

  3. These are great. At the moment I'm just using square baskets on their sides! Might upgrade soon though!

    Liz x

  4. Hi Michelle, have you ever visited US?

  5. Great idea. I thought I'd share this link. I use this to store my markers and love it!


    Thanks for sharing such great ideas,

  6. Hi Carole, I went to Florida when I was younger but haven't been back since. Would love to go again though! x

  7. Hi, yes I have been loads of times, this year I went craft shopping in Jo Anne's and another craft shop it was amazing just so much stuff. Just thought you would love it xx


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