7 July 2013

Storage Sunday - Rubber and Clear Stamps

Hello there, today I have another Storage Sunday to share with you. Today I am focussing on rubber and clear stamps.

First up is my clear stamps - I have two ways of storing these, the ones that come in packets i.e. SSS, MFT, Paper Smooches etc. I leave them in their packs and store in Acrylic CD Boxes from Muji. I like that they are see-trough so it is easy for me to find what I want. I also keep my Clearly Besotted Stamps in their original packaging but keep these in a larger DVD box as I have a lot of them.

I store my Papertrey Ink stamps slightly differently as they used to come in CD cases and now just in boxes. I have them stored in Tim Holtz Unmounted Stamp Refill; Pockets and then in DVD Boxes from Rymans.

Here is a video showing them up closer:

For my un-mounted rubber stamps, I first mount them with black EZ Mount foam and then store them in Kling-On Storage Cases. I have them all labelled. My Stampin' Up stamps stay in the cases they come in.

Here is the video showing that:

Sorry the videos weren't great but I hope you get the idea. I don't have that many wood mounted stamps now but those that I do are kept in two drawers in my Ikea Helmer units.

How do you store your stamps? I would love to know. Thanks so much for visiting me today. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow you are so organised, I think I need to hire you to organise my craft room. Love the different methods am currently trying the ms binders and fingers crossed it is working ok at the moment . Hugs, Amanda x

  2. Love how organised you are Michelle, I will get there one day lol!
    Videos fab once again x

  3. как все практично и удобно! спасибо за обзор))

  4. Thank you for sharing your storage methods. I am trying to find what will work best for me and I like seeing how others store their sets.

  5. great videos Michelle, you could earn a fortune organizing our craft rooms! wish you lived near me ... LOL :) xxx

  6. I wish I could be so organised (-: Compliments!

  7. The dvd cases are brilliant I have been looking for these for a while - now I know where to buy them- thanks! xx

  8. P.S I now have serious craft room envy!
    Great inspiration to get my stuff organised though! xx

  9. wow, your craftroom looks like a shop. Very jealous x

  10. I had no idea that you could purchase a stamp binder from Tim Holtz, but after watching your video, I have now put the binder and refill pages on my wish list!! That is such a great idea. Right now, my clear stamps are sticking to each other in a plastic bag. Not the best storage solution, that's for sure.

  11. This is great i have been looking for days for the best way to store my stamps. I have just ordered my box from Ryman and hopefully my stamps should begin to be organised. Thanks for the great idea. Ann :o)


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