3 July 2013

10 Minute Crafts Dash - CBS Stars

Hello there, I have something a little different to share with you this afternoon. On the first and third Wednesday of the month Paulina hosts a 10 Minute Craft Dash Challenge on her blog. I have always watched the videos and thought I could never make a card in 10 minutes but for this current challenge Clearly Besotted Stamps are sponsoring it, so I had to give it a go ...

So I did it! I did complete the challenge, I did it in 9 minutes 17 seconds! I am quite astounded with myself; although I don't like the finished card, it is not bad but I am not sure it is worthy of actually giving to someone! I so enjoyed the challenge though, could you tell from the video? ha ha! I didn't realise, that when I panic, I start signing my words instead of speaking them!!

Here is the finished card:

And here is what my desk looked like after I made it:


Could have been worse I guess?! A big thank you goes to Paulina for hosting the challenge, like I said I really enjoyed it. Clearly Besotted Stamps are giving away two stamp sets to the winner of the challenge so do go and check it out. Thanks so much for visiting me today as always. I will see you on Friday for my last teaser card.


  1. у тебя еще относительный порядок, так что все нормально)) Открыточка симпатичная!

  2. Your card is great! (haven't watched the video yet but REALLY looking forward to it lol I was so surprised how much I enjoyed this challenge, will definatly do another one (perhaps in early September? ;) LOL) x

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I don't think your card is "not worthy", there are always people who like it CAS! Or maybe don't even realize the work that was spent to make a card, and for those it would just be fine... ;o)
    I have a different question, though: Can you tell me if the rack in the back right corner of your desk is still publicly available? It looks like it can store a lot of all the pens and other small items one would need while crafting...
    Kind regards from rainy Germany

  4. Oooh, I'm happy that you, Debby AND Caryn did videos for your creations- such a wonderful treat!

    Your card is lovely- the light colored polka dots in the background is the perfect touch. Also, I recently jumped aboard the enamel dots bandwagon and am in love. Great idea to use them on top of the stars! :)

    Thank you for playing inn my challenge this week, Michelle!

  5. Hi Muhriel, thanks for watching. Do you mean the tool carrousel? It is from the Great Little Trading Company here in the UK. Hope that helps!

  6. It's a great card Michelle and certainly worthy of being sent to someone. I really enjoyed the video and loved the photo of your desk afterwards. Thanks for sharing.
    Dawn x

  7. Love the enamel dots on the stars.

  8. I love the enamel dots on the stars.

  9. WOW!! Your card is wonderful Michelle and well done for completing the challenge!
    Sue xx

  10. Looks great to me Michelle! Fab design, love the pale spots and enamel dots. I'm not sure if I could make a card that fast, but maybe I'll try! Hugs, Lisa x

  11. Hi Michelle, great video and and card- I like it a lot. You've inspired me to have a go at the 10min craft dash too! Rebecca x

  12. I like the creative chaos at your desk :D
    And the card is great :)Nice video ;)

  13. Love the card Michelle and never thought of using stamp positioner with the dies, thank you so much for that as I never can stamp them central.

  14. I think your card is great for the challenge! Well done, and as always I LOVE your videos! :)

  15. Michelle - you are way too hard on yourself. I think the card is lovely and worth giving out. I just love your blog and am always so excited to see what you have done. I love it more when you have a video because they are charming and your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you so much for the inspiration.


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