8 June 2013

How I Make Videos

Hello there, I have had a few questions recently on how I film/make videos. There are two types of videos that I make - unedited videos like hauls and edited card making tutorials. For the first one I use my iPad propped up using the Apple iPad cover. You can see a picture of how I do this HERE.
For the second type I use a Sony Handycam camcorder and film from above my desk. I have two shelves above my desk on the wall so I attach my camera to one of those. I have a shelf bracket/monopod from Vanguard. I bought mine from HERE. It attached to a shelf really easily and you can extend it quite far out. The camera attaches to the end so you can film from above.
Because you are effectively filming from upside down, you will see that the picture is upside down. When you use your editing software you need to remember flip the picture back the correct way, which can be easily done with any movie making software.
When it comes to editing there are various different programs you can use. If you have a Mac I would suggest iMovie and if you have a PC Windows Movie Maker. These are both free and good for starting out. I currently use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Suite but there are lots of different ones available in different price ranges.

Here is a quick video showing my set up:

Hope you found that helpful? Thanks for visiting me today, have a lovey weekend!


  1. That was a great video, most helpful. Thanks!

  2. That was a great video, most helpful. Thanks!


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