28 April 2013

Product Links

Hi there, I just wanted to put a little quick note up to say that I apologise quite a few of my products links do not work. When websites revamp themselves their old links to products no longer exist. This means that a lot of the older links to two of the shops that I shop in a lot - Papertrey Ink and The Glitter Pot no longer work. I do apologise and I am trying to go through my links on InLinkz to change them. The major benefit of InLinkz is that it will automatically change it on my blog but if there are products that I can no longer find, they will disappear off the supplies list, sorry.
This may take a while though as I have a LOT of products to change! Please bear with me. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. Ooh you're a better blogger than me - I've just stopped using InLinkz altogether! Loads of the links I was trying to add were saying it was an affiliate and I'd need to upgrade my account - no thanks! ;-)

    Love Beth xx


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