17 November 2012

Updated Craft Room Tour

Hi all, so today I have an updated craft room tour to show you. If you follow my blog regularly you will probably know how much I love organisation and storage. I am continally trying to find new and more efficient ways to store my stash. Here is my room currently, apart from getting new white main desks, the bulk of it I am happy with.

This post is picture heavy but I also have a video at the end if you would rather just watch that!
Here are the main sides of my room:
This is the view from the door. The room is pretty small but I am very lucky to have it! The desk to the left is my computer desk (see photo below) and the desk next to it is my main desk that I create from. I have two Helmer desks from Ikea on either side of it and they fit perfectly underneath. I also have another Helmer unit at the end of the desk between the desk and the wall. The two under my desks hold adhesives, punches, PTI felt, stamping supplies and card bases. The one to the side holds card bases, flowers and tools.

Here is my computer desk, as you can see it is a corner desk and is massive! It takes up a lot of space but I love it! The actual desks are from MFI and they were bought about 15 years ago, they are a little bit scuffed but still going strong! I have another Helmer unit to the left of the desk before the door and that holds stamps in. The tin on the right of the desk holds my embossing folders. I have a close up view below.

Here is the other side of my room. The large shelving unit is from Ikea and sadly I don't think they sell it anymore. That unit holds A4 cardstock and paper, my unmounted stamps in DVD cases, my clear PTI stamps in baskets, my thin dies, Cuttlebug and sewing machine. In the drawer there is ink pads, chipboard, glitter and my Xyron machines. On the top of the unit is my 6x6" paper pads, they are in photo boxes by Cropper Hopper.

To the left of that unit is my Stackables units. I have two small ones and a cube stacked on top of each other. They hold all my 12x12" cardstock and paper and embellishments in the drawers. On top is two boxes from Papermania, one holds 8x8" cardstock and appers and the other holds paper/CS scraps.

Here are close ups of some of the storage I have (you can click the photo's to make them bigger)

These are some of the drawers from my Stackables unit. You can buy the plastic inserts for the drawers to organise your embellishments and I love them! These drawers hold my Doodlebug buttons and brads, my rhinestones and my PTI buttons.


Here are some of the shelves on my cabinet. I hold all my unmounted stamps in DVD cases (once I have mounted with EZ Mount foam) and then I have each DVD case labelled. My thin dies are stored in EZ Mount cases, I have a video showing how I do it here. I then have my PTI cardstock in my colour order in file folders. I keep the packs in their plastic wrapping and then put the scraps behind. I have changed the way I store my PTI inks stamps slightly. I still have them in the Tim Holtz Unmounted Stamp Binder Inserts which are shown here but instead of having them in the binders I have put the inserts in to baskets which as saved me a lot of space.

I haven't found a better way of storing my stamps than just stacking them in my Helmer unit yet. Since I can fit three layers of wood mounted stamps in a drawer and numerous clear sets I am happy with it at the moment.


I have my embossing folders in a Maya Road tin, which I don't think they sell any more but is the perfect size for them. I have them labelled on the folder themselves so I don't feel the need for dividers. My tool carousel is one of the best things I have ever bought. It is quite big and takes up a fair amount of space on my desk but it holds a ton and I love it! I have my Copic Markers in little cubbies from Studio 3 Solutions - they are great and definitely worth the investment.

I keep my PTI ribbon in reels and I have divided the drawer with cardstock. I keep my punches in drawers too and use slip-a-grip from Lakelend to stop the punches sliding in the drawers.

And here is the video with a further peek into all the other drawers:
Massive apologies for the quality of the camera work, it is a new camera and I haven't quite got used to it yet! It is shaky.

Congratulations if you have made it all the way to the end of this post! I hope you enjoyed seeing my craft room and that I may have given you  a few ideas for your own storage. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about anything I have shown.


Thanks so much for visiting me today!


  1. WOW!! Your craft room look like heaven to me!! You are certainly very organised, I love the storage ideas and the wall are a gorgeous colour too!!


  2. hi Michelle :) WOW!!! this is a total dream craftroom, I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and all the fab storage ideas :) I would looooove my craftroom all organised like this :)
    and thanks for showing the little magnet i made you :) it looks ever so cute on your tin :). Im off to check out all the storage links , thanks a million Michelle, I shall be definitely watching this again to get ideas :) xxx

  3. Hi there Michelle, what a very timely video - I'm going to Ikea on Monday with some friends! Helmer Drawer Units will be coming home with me for sure! I've ordered the baskets from Tesco as well!

    Thanks so much for showing us your lovely, beautifully organised craft room and for giving us the links too. The tool carousel has been added to my wish list!

    Hope you're keeping well and enjoying your new job! Ruth x

  4. Wow I'm so envious, I live in a one bedroom flat but have recently purchased a doored bookcase from Ikea for all my craft stock so I'm a bit more organised now. I picked up some storage ideas from your last craft room video so thank you, you've certainly helped me get myself sorted. I'm sure the links will help me too :) xx

  5. What an organised craft space you have and so clean and tidy too. Love the storage ideas and think I need to reorganise my space now. Hugs, Amanda x

  6. It's always great to have a nose in your craft room Michelle! You have lots of fab storage ideas which is great for people to get ideas from xx

  7. wow i love your craft room - sooo jealous!! its super organise and clean and plenty of space to craft.

    Unfortunately my craft room has been invaded and i have to share it now as an "office" with my husband.

  8. wow THAT sure is tidy! hope you have hours and hours of fun! xx

  9. Thank you so much for sharing, I would love my craft room to be that organised! You have given me lots of ideas, I need to start with a massive sort out first. I can feel an Ikea trip coming on for sure, so glad they opened one in Southampton. X

  10. Hi. Does the helmer unit fit A4 paper flat in the drawers? x


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