23 March 2012

Filming Videos from an iPad

Following my Doodlebug haul video I had a couple of questions asked about how I filmed it. How I did it was I stood my iPad up using the Apple iPad Smart Cover. This is great, I love it! It folds up so you can have your iPad just propped up to type etc but can have it almost completely propped up at a right angle too. This is great for watching videos and also great to film videos! You can shoot from the camera at the back and watch what you see on the screen at the same time.

Hope this helps! Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for that Michelle...you choose a blue cover like me :0)
    Now I just need to do something about my voice on recordings and I could do some videos!!!
    Jenny x

  2. Hi Michelle.... so glad you didn't let on that I had forgotten you could film from the back too when it's on it's cover/stand! (ooops now I just told everyone - ah well!)

    Christine x


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