13 October 2011

Craft Room Tour Updated

Hello there, I am back with another tour video of my craft room. I have changed a few bits around and added some new furnature so I thought I'd show another little video ... took ages to upload to You Tube though!

Apologies in advance for all the "ummm"'s and the dodgy camera work, oh and I seemed to have picked the gloomiest day of the year to film it too, apologies it is so dark! ...

If you want to know any info about anything you have seen please just leave me a comment below and I will try and get back to you. I think I will try and do a couple of mini videos on how I store my clear stamps and dies etc if anyone is interested?

Thanks for visiting, have a good evening!


  1. Wow what a super room hun....and thanks so much for the tour....

    big hugs Vicky xx

  2. Another fab vid hun! I always love having a look at your room and how you organise your stash. I love how everything is clearly labelled too.
    If you ever decide you need a new career, I think you could start a business planning everyone else's craft rooms (starting with mine!!)
    Sarah xx :0)

  3. Thanks for sharing, I love to see how other crafters store their stash. Wow such a tidy room but everything is so accessible you've got a great system going :)
    Jenny x

  4. wow, I'm speechless! I'm not sure my husband will like me watching this, but in his favour we have no room for all this kind of storage!It is amazing, immaculate and inspiring!

  5. WOW.i am gobsmacked,i have never seen so much stash Lol.What a Fantastic room,sooooo tidy and organized thanks for the tour.Happy Crafting.xx

  6. Thanks for another tour of your craft room Michelle, I love having a nose at all your lovely bits and pieces! Your organisation is fab, I thought mine was quite good until I saw yours ;0) x

  7. Love the tour, always jealous of your space and stash! But grateful for your constant inspiration :)

  8. Wow I,m envious Michelle so much stash and such a beautiful tidy room! No wonder your cards are so fab u lous. Thank you for the tour it was fun. Love Sharon xx

  9. you are a serious addict, I love all your storage, I've never managed to organise my room properly yet, now I'm in awe, I love the 12x12 paper storage and trays, do you mind me asking where you got it. Welocome to the team at Sketch n Stash

  10. Wow Michelle, loving your craft room especially the ribbon storage,please let us know where they are from. Your room is perfectly organised, i so wish i could do the same!!! Can we hire you as an organiser..LOL, I want a room like yours. Can't wait to see how you store your stamps and dies.x

  11. Wow! Michelle I am soo jealous of how organised you are - your craft room is fab :)

  12. What a super craft room I sooo wish mine was so organised !!!! :O) Viv xx

  13. Wow love your room!! you are sooo organised!!!
    Thanks for sharing!


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