9 June 2011

Now for something a little different ...

... A video! Now please be aware the quality isn't great as it is filmed on my little Sony Cyber-shot camera and also this is the first video I have ever made so I am definately not a pro at this! Both talking and the actual video process its self. I never realised I pronounced my 't's so well! ;o) Please feel free to laugh away!

So anyway, this is the tour of my craft room, there are new still photo's uploaded to my Picassa album on the right with info about the products etc. I hope you like it!!


  1. Gosh how terribly organised. If I was half as organised as that I'd consider myself efficient. Love the storage, I shall take away some of your ideas for my own use. Thank you for sharing. Love your cards too.

  2. Oh my goodness Michelle, i want to come and play at your house lol! You have so many pretty craft things and your storage is great and so organised! Thanks for sharing :) Kate x

  3. Wow, how organised are you Michelle. Love it, when are you coming to do mine? But I wonder what's in the drawers you didn't open mmm?

    Liz x

  4. Great video Michelle. So envious of all your supplies, but most of all, how tidy your room is! My crafting room is a permanent bomb site!

  5. Wow, what a fab organised room. Love the embellishments stacker, have to get one of those lol

  6. Mmmmmmmmmmm Michelle you are just too organised! BUT your craft room is simply gorgeous!!!

    Love Pam xx

  7. hi Michelle,
    oh dear you would think i had been burgled if you saw my room!!!
    seriously need a tidy up now yours is super organised x
    thanks for sharing
    Suzie Qx

  8. WOW! Such an organized room and your storage ideas are great! I love the desktop carousel. It harms that I can't find something like that in Germany. :(

  9. Oooh Michelle, how lovely to hear your voice and get a guided tour of your tidy and organised craft room! Love those Ikea drawer cabinets.

    The video was great, thanks for sharing that - and there was no laughing from me, you did a fab job!

  10. Thank you for the tour of your craft room! I loved having nose around and seeing all your gorgeous stash xx

  11. Oooo, thanks for the tour. I adore being nosy! Love your room, must say am very jealous of your space and stash!

    I like Liz's comment about the drawers you didn't open - I'm secretly hoping they are the junk drawers and they are as untidy as my drawers are!

  12. Oh Michelle! How organised are you!!

    You've just spurred me on, I really need to get some extra storage and get organised!!! I've got lots of little 6 x 6 pads and they are in the bold washing liquid tab tubs and I quite like your idea of the magazine holders?? I might pinch that idea if thats okay?

    I loved your photo's of your craft room but the video was even better, so does that mean you might even turn your hand to some video tutorials, coz I just think your colouring is second to none! Thanks so much for allowing us into your craft room!

    Big Hugs Roni :O) xox

  13. It's so lovely to hear your voice!! I loved the tour of your room. I was just looking at the photos in your album and remembererd your video. I love all the storage ideas that you have. The mini stackables unit is great. Did it come with the clear trays in for the buttons and brads?

    I need to get some more dvd cases as I have so mnay ez mounted stamps. Your Elzybells supplies too is unbelievable!! I didn't realise they did that many clear stamps sets!! I must get some of those filing cabinets too, much better way to organise my wood mount stamps as I have a number of Penny Blacks and Forever Friends to put away!
    Sarah xx :0)


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