2 July 2009

Some Awards ...

A while ago I received some lovely awards, these first two are from the lovely Vicky, thank you so much hun, I really appreciate them and thank you for being my blogging friend :0)

This second one is from both Gina and Sue:

The whole thing started with the movie "Pay it forward". The role model of Haley Joel Osment, gives a great deed to another person. The only attach to the one who receives it, is that he/her has to promise to give something that matters to others. A simple demand, that may not be as simple that it sounds? Someone has now taken this principle further, and made it into a gift. The rules are simple - everyone can join, and only 3 rules have to be fulfilled:

1. You must have your own blog, so that you can spread the message.

2. You must like to make others happy.

3. You must ship your 3 gifts within the next 365 days.

I will be back with my 3 choices shortly :0)

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