14 January 2009

My Counter Has Gone!

My counter has gone at the bottom of my blog, I know this has happened to a few people too, I am hoping it is going to come back 'cos I was almost at 100,000!! I want to do blog candy when I reach this and I know it was about 98,900 or something. If it doesn't come back soon I will do candy anyway and get a new one!!


  1. I really do hope that your counter comes back Michelle I've heard of a few people losing their counters this week and a few people have now done a back up one just in case.

    Love Pam xx

  2. Ive emailed you with what I found out Michelle

  3. I lost mine to and I got a new one. You can say on which number it has t start counting, so you could say that is hast to start at 98.000.

  4. Oh I know, I was slightly less than you at 5,000 and odd but even so it's very annoying. Hugs, Denise x

  5. Wind a new counter forward to 99,000! It's can't far off it anyway. I won't tell anyone! ;0)
    Viv xx

  6. Hi Michelle I have the same problem with my counter too. I have left it running on my blog for now to see if it does come back but I've also added a new one which I was able to start from the approximate amount that the last counter was at.


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