6 August 2008

The Message I Didn't Want To Post ...

but I know a lot of my regular visitors wanted to to know. I got my results through this week. I passed my assignment and also my practical exams but sadly failed my maths exam. This is the first thing I have failed in three years so I am obviously quite upset but you know what? I am just going to retake it and pass next time. My life has never been easy and I never wanted it to be so this is just one of those things that I gotta brush myself down and try again. Out of my class of about 80 or so people only SIX passed so it is not like I am the only person who failed.

So for all those of you who were going to send me a card ;0) You can still send one but hold off till next month now!!

On a postive note, I had an interview for a job and got it! They were checking my references and had to have a criminal records check and a health exam but have now passed all these so the job is mine :0) Unfortunately I will have to start a little later than planned now, not till the 16th September but it will give me a bit of time off which is nice. I wanted to say thanks for the support you have shown, you know who you are and hopefully I will be able to give you some good news when I re-take the exam.


  1. hi!
    don't worry michelle, you are young and seems to be a hard worker, i'm sure you'll passe last time!

  2. Only six out of 80 someone needs to question that one!!! But hay well done and good luck with your good news and new job. I am sure today will be a distant memory very soon and you will be making a differenc to the world in your own way with your new job.Love Sue :o)

  3. You did really well, I couldn't have done it. Maths is my worst nightmare too (in fact my cv says I got a B grade in my gcse when in fact it was ungraded!!). And you've been offered a job which is fantastic.

    Don't be disappointed, you'll pass next time.


  4. Oh, how annoying! Only six passed out of 80.. Goodness! It must have been a tough exam! >:o(

    Good for you for having the b***s to retake it with such determination. Better luck next time.

    Great news on the job, though! Congratulations! :o)

    Heather xx

  5. Hello - I have just found your blog and am having a read - congratulations on your achievements, and also having a great attitude with the things that didnt go as planned.

    Have a wonderful day :)

  6. Michelle, use your extra time to really concentrate on your math. You now know the type of questions being asked. You will do fine next time around.
    Congrats on the new job!
    Your blog is really nice and I will be back to check in regularly.

  7. Well done Michelle on passing all your other exams, I'm sorry you didn't pass the maths this time but it's just a little step back as you will PASS next time. Good Luck in your new job Jill xxx

  8. oh chin up chuck, you will pass it next time, lots hugs and well done for passing all your others

    Huge congrats on your new job, thats excellent news, well done x


    Alex xx

  9. Sometimes we do have things in our lives that let us down, but you seem to be a very determined person and i'm sure you won't give up easily! Try, try again to your best ability and eventually you will get nearer to your goal. Best of luck in your new job.

  10. I just wanted to congratulate you on passing all the other elements and on the job as these are achievements to be so proud of!!!

    That exam must've been hard if only 6 passed!! Good luck for the retake, I have every faith in you.

    xx :0)

  11. You have the right attitude. Of course you will pass next time. Good luck. Deb x

  12. Congrats on the job - don't worry about the maths. Next time you will crack it!!

  13. Great to talk to you today Michelle, sorry about your Maths but keep your chin up love!! Jules xx

  14. Well done on passing your other exams Michelle and congratulations on the job. I am sure you will pass next time. You have a great attitude. x

  15. I love your outlook Michelle. This is a minor set-back and you'll pass without a problem next time.
    Well done on your new job! They have obviously got great faith in you, and rightly so! Congratulations. Now spend your last free weeks making some more of your gorgeous cards!! LOL
    Viv xxx

  16. Hey come on Michelle it's not the end of the world but I know just how much effort you have put into your studies. Maths is a very difficult subject and they either give you a really easy paper or a dead hard one and it's usually the latter.
    We are sitting here waiting for Lisa's GCSE results to come out on the 21st August and she already feels like she has messed up big time on her maths paper too but like you she said i'll just re-take it again until I do get it right!
    Thinking of you and huge hugs to you too. Well done on getting the job you've been so desparate to do - you'll just love it.

    Love Pam xx

  17. Hi Michelle, Just having a wander round your blog - love it and your cards. I shall certainly be adding you to my blog roll.
    Congratulations on your success, commiserations on your failure in maths. If only 6 out of 80 passed, strikes me some questions need asking somewhere. Good luck in your new job.
    Heather xx

  18. Soo sorry u faided the maths exam but FAB news on the new job! (Every cloud has a silver lining) :-)


  19. Congratulations on passing all your other exams!
    Shame about the maths but like you said you WILL pass it next time!!
    6 out of 80 blimey that must be some difficult exam!
    Fantastic news about the new job and a few weeks before you start to get in a bit of crafting.
    Good luck with the new job and when you retake your exam. Not that you'll need it your gonna walk it next time.
    Fingers crossed for you,
    kerry x

  20. Hi Michelle, never mind about this minor blip, you're a strong willed girlie and this won't stop you powering you way through next time. Many congrats on your new job, I guess that's a weight off your mind. Love the beerfella card for your bro - the ring pull looks really funky! Lots of love, Denise x

  21. Hi Michelle, it sounds as if you've had your work cut out with all the things you have had to do. I'm sure you will sort your Maths out no probs, with your determination & hard work, which you obviously always have & do!
    Huge congrats on your job too!!
    Hugs, Kerry xxx

  22. V sorry about your maths exam, but fingers tightly crossed for next time. Many congrats on your new job though, I've been trying for 6 years and still can't get a new one!

    Sheila xx

    ps I barely scraped a grade 4 CSE in maths, which means I just about got my name on the paper...!

  23. Hi Michelle

    I'd agree with others about the percentage of people that passed the maths test... it does seem it was either set to high for the exam or you were all taught wrongly.

    On the other hand CONGRATULATIONS!! on the job... thats brill news...

    You know what... three heathers have commented on this post... I think I might just buy some heather for the garden :D


  24. Michelle, so sorry that you didnt get the result that you wanted, I'm sure you'll be fine next time. Congrats on the new job though x

  25. Well done on passing the other 2 & good luck with the maths,next time!
    Good luck with your job too :o)x

  26. Sorry to hear you didn't pass the exam Michelle, but so happy for you that you have a job to go to. Wishing lots of luck when you re-take it. Big ((hugs)) for you. xx

  27. 6/80?! I work at Soton Uni and if that happened on one of our papers, there would have been a mass remark with the external examiners. Somethings gone hideously wrong there methinks!

    Good on you for being so upbeat about the whole thing though. You're right - you are sure to pass next time :o)

    Massive congratulations for the new job! Well done you! ~x~

  28. Michelle- sorry to hear about the exam. I went to nsg school and failed my statistics class the one and only class I ever failed. But I retook it and did fine, graduated and here I am 20 years (shh did I say that?) a nurse. Congrats on the job! HEidi

  29. Sorry you didn't pass your math first time around... but you will get there. The 3 of us in my family are "math challanged", so we understand.


  30. Hi Michelle

    Bad luck not passing, but at least you'll know what to expect next time, which might give you an advantage. Good luck for the next one, and well done on getting that job.

    Love Debbie xx

  31. Hiya Michelle,

    Enormous congrats on your new job and for passing your assignment, you've done brilliantly and you should be so proud of yourself. As for your maths exam, that's just a little hiccup and with your attitude I'm sure you will pass next time. Have to agree with some of the other comments, 6 out of 80 pass rate somethings not quite right there????????? Hope your ok, I wish you all the very best in your new job, well done you YAY!!!!! ((((((hugs))))) xx vicki xx

  32. Congrats on your new job Michelle. I am really pleased for you. Good luck taking your exam, I'm sure you'll pass with flying colours. x


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