30 July 2008

Copic Markers

So ... Copic markers ... I have had a few questions about these again recently. For those of you who don't know, Copic markers are alcohol based markers used by Manga artists for their cartoons. Because they are alcohol based the do not leave streak marks unlike most other markers but you do have to pay a bit more for this! I use the Copic Ciao markers. This is for two reasons really, one they are a bit cheaper than the Sketch and two these are what my local art shop has. When I first got some I bought just a few to try out and see what they were like then since I have been adding to my collection a few at a time. I would love to have all 144 colours but cannot afford this. I have 56 at present and feel that I have a wide range of colours and shades but of course would love more!!

With some colours you can get away with having just a few shades as some of the markers if you colour once you can go over again with a few layers (using the same shade) and it will hold darker giving you a shadow. I would say that with each colour you buy get a shade to go with it i.e. a dark and a light that will compliment each other if you want to do shading. I think practice makes perfect really with shading and I am no where near!! I think certain images go well with Copics especially A Muse, Elzybells, Bellas and the new Kerry Jo stamps. I have seen loads of people colour in Magnolias with them and they look great but I haven't tried this yet.

The thicker your card the more the colour will absorb so will run out quicker however I really like thicker card with mine so I can go over and over the image adding layers but I am sure you can do this with thin card too. So my advice? go an buy a few and see what tyou think before spending a lot on them BUT there is a learning curve with these I think.


  1. ooooh you are lucky Michelle, I would love to own copics :) enjoy using them :) x

  2. Wow you certainly have a lot of copics there. I've only just started with copics and have 20 so far but it would be lovely to have all 144.
    Wendy x

  3. Ola Michelle, I purchased £15 worth of these from a fab site called cultpens.com they are £1.96 each and if you spend over £10 the postage is free too - bargain.

  4. Great advice. I was actually looking into buying some of these online tonight, and its great to hear that you should buy a light and dark shade of the same color! Thanks for the excellent advice :)

  5. Oh what a gorgeous array of colours I have just invested in some pro markers and I am loving them. Se :o)

  6. Thanks Michelle for the fab advice on Copics. I'm starting to dabble a bit more with mine. I recently found some tutorials on You Tube which show you to scribble with the darker shade onto a plastic surface and then pick the colour up with a light shade of marker, works well so far. Thanks again xx vicki xx

  7. Thanks for your advice Michelle. I only have a couple and would love your selection! xx


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