23 May 2008

Lots of Awards!!

I have received 3 lovely awards this week. The first one is from Sue and Tara, the second from Tara and the third from Vicki. Thank you all ladies, I really appreciate them :0) For the first two I would like to pass them on to everyone on my blog roll list. The third one (Circle of Friends) I would like to pass on to everyone who visits my blog. I cannot believe how may comments I receive and I am truley appreciative of every one of them. I would just like to give special thanks to: (in no particular order!) Natalie, Julie Jules, Tara, Sue, Vicki, Gina, Sarah, Kerry Jo, Pam, Viv, Maria, Vicky, Alex, Kitty, Ruth, Katherine and Julia A. I really appreciate your support and friendship :0)

I have also just been sent another lovely award (Blogging with a Purpose) from Kerry, thank you Kerry :0)


  1. You are welcome Michelle, I love visiting your blog and seeing your gorgeous cards. x

  2. Oh Michelle that is so sweet, I am missing you at the moment but your job keeps you so busy, so have a great weekend of rest and relaxation :)
    Gina xx

  3. Hi Michelle, got to say you deserve all the awards, your blog/cards always give so much to whoever looks at them, always brilliant!!
    Also thank you for the mention.

    Kerry xxx
    p.s. I spy something on your blog.....hehe.....

  4. You know that I love to visit your blog and you deserve all the awards you get!! x

  5. Awwwwh Michelle, thanks for the mention!!!! And thanks for the good luck wishes for the wedding, finished the place cards and table numbers today, just got the table plan to do now!!! Jules x

  6. "Happy Birthday" Michelle
    Hope you have a fantastic relaxing day,
    Gina xxx

  7. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Dear Michelle, happy birthday to you

    Hope you have a fantastic day


    Alex xx

  8. Hi there, my name's Kate and i've just started a blog for my cards. I found your page through a friends and wondered if i could add you to my favourite blogs list? Your cards are lovely!


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