23 March 2008

Easter Nest Egg Cakes

I just thought I would show you the little Easter Nest Egg Cakes I made yesterday, they are very yummy! They are chocolate fairy cakes with chocolate buttercream on the top, decorated with Cadbury's Flake and Mini Eggs!


  1. I can't get at them through my laptop monitor!!!

    They look delicious!!!

    xx :0)

  2. Mmmmmmmmmm are you willing to share them please. ;-))

    Love Pam xx

  3. Yum!! Eat them today, It's guilt free today only!! LOL x

  4. They look yummy! Did they last long?!! x

  5. Mmmmmmm they look almost as yummy as my Aero cheescake, i would take a photo of it but its all ready in my tum- back to point counting tomorrow..lol..

  6. You're making me dribble....they look so scrummy!

  7. They look delicious!!! hope you are having a good Easter Sue :o)

  8. they look gorgeous, could you send one up to cheshire :o)

    Tara x


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