11 February 2008

Can Anyone Help?

Can anyone help me please? I am desperately trying to find a Penny Black stamp. It is the hedgehog with the motarboard and scroll for graduation. I have looked all over on the internet including The Glitter Pot, Happy Stampers, Sir Stampalot, Creative Living, First Class Crafts, Capture The Magic, The Craft Barn and none of them are even showing it let alone sold out. I do not have a picture of the stamp or the name sorry but if anyone has any other ideas where I could look I would areally appreciate it. I would check eBay but I don not know the stamps name to search!

A BIG thank you to everyone who had a look for me, it is called "A Scholar!" I cannot find it in any UK online shops and although I can see a picture of it on a US website it is out of stock. Actually I need the image fairly quickly so buying from the US would be a bit of a problem anyway. I so wish that I had bought it when I saw it last year. What a shame. I do really like the cow one, thank you for your suggestions, however, I do not want my cousin to think that I am calling her a cow!!

UPDATE 16/02/08: I have found out that the stamp has been discontinued so I doubt that I will now bw able to find it anywhere. A very kind lady is going to have a look when she travels to New York for it for me so fingers crossed. Thank you for all the suggestions including finding a card on eBay with it on. A good friend of mine kindly asked the person who made it if I could buy a couple of the images from her but it wasn't her stamp to do them which is a shame. Never mind, I have learnt from my lesson. When I see something I want ... buy it before it sells out!! ;0) I think I have found another idea using a Sizzix person die.


  1. The only stamp by Penny Black I know is a cow called Con Graduate - but it does have a scroll and a mortar board - could it be that one you mean?


  2. Have ya tried HM STAMPS...

    They have hundreds and also discointinued ones, only thing is you have to go through all the back catty's to get what you want.....

  3. Hi Michelle, the stamp is called A Scholar, only place I have found it so far is on this site but it's not a UK one.



  4. i've sent you a message via facebook

  5. Hi Michelle, that one doesn't ring a bell with me. I've seen the cow and cat with the mortarboard and scrolls, but not remember the hedgehog. I couldn't see it on Penny Blacks website.

    hope you manage to track it down. Sorry I couldn't help.


  6. Hi I think the stamp is no. 2071J A Scholar!! it is found in the PB Collection 2001. Hope this of help Amanda

  7. well haven't found it yet did find the name "a scholar" and found one out of stock at

    hope someone can find it for you

  8. Hi Michelle

    Not been able to track down the hedgie one for you yet, but just found this Penny Black cow one that might be a suitable alternative:

    Pootle x

  9. Hi Michelle,
    I do not have a blog but enjoy browsing through others & stumbled across your blog a while back.
    I noticed you used a lot of pennyblack designs on your cards & I also love these stamps, i have collected quite a few over the years.
    I noted your search for the headgehog graduate, unfortunately i do not have this stamp but tried to hunt it down with no sucsess (sorry).
    If you would be interested in using a different stamp as an allternative i could send you stamped images of the Bella stamp- dipiomabella, which she has a mortarboard & scroll or the housemouse maxwell design- the graduate which again has the mortarboard & scroll.
    If you would like these images i would be more than happy to post them to you first thing tomorrow.(I live in Scotland)

  10. michelle this could be a shot in the dark, but there is someone on ebay who sells cards and is selling a graduation one done with this particular stamped image. Wonder if it would be worth contacting her about getting a stamped image.



  11. hiya, stubbled over your blog... I have the cat-gradude..

    have you tried finishing touches of totnes? a friend buys from them.. might be worth phoning tomrrow and seeing if they have the hedghog in stock..

    or blade rubber stamps of london.. not many on there site... but loads in their shop..

    from a addicted penny black fan

  12. hiya.. not sure if this working

    about the penny black stamp you were looking for..

    i have seen the cat-gratitude

    or if its the hedgehog one.. have you tried finishing touches of totnes, best bit maybe to ring them up.

    also have you tried blade rubber stamps (london) they dont have much on there website but lots of stamps in the shop..

    an addicted penny black stamper


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