26 October 2008

Charm Help Please!

Hi all, can anyone help me please? I am trying to find some good places to buy metal charms on the internet but stuggling. The few places that I have bought from before only have a small selection and I am looking to just buy a few each for not too much money! Can anyone point me the right direction please?
UPDATE: Thank you all so much for your replies and e-mails, it is true what they say about crafters - they are the nicest people :0) I really appreciate your help and I will be having a look on every site that has been recommended.


  1. Hiya Michelle

    I tend to buy all my charms from a cheapie walkaround store in Cardiff called WHAT! I don't know if you have a store similar to where you live. I pay £1 per packet and there are 6 charms in each packet, with a variety for all occassions. It would be no trouble for me to send some onto you, if you want. xx vicki xx

  2. Hi Michelle,I have found 2 sellers on ebay & both are cheap but excellent quality.


    Hope this helps :o)x

  3. Hi Michelle
    Have you tried Marlene's fab shop - fairyalitybeads on ebay.
    I've had lots of stuff from her including charms, spacers and beads. Her service is excellent
    Love Diane ;o)

  4. Just noticed the shop is closed at the moment but re-opening soon with lots of new products. Hope that you can wait a bit!!

  5. Hi Michelle I've sent you an email Jill x

  6. Have you tried Oriental Trading Company? I don't think they have a HUGE selection, but they have a pretty good one.

  7. Hi Michelle
    Have you tried Telfords Direct. I think they have quite a few charms but am unsure of prices. Was there something in particular that you was wanting as I have some in stock that are not on the website.


  8. I bought mine from ebay, they were christmas charms but they did not have buy now, only an auction so you could end up spending more than you wanted, don't think that was much help sorry :)
    Gina xxx

  9. give us a shout if you find any i am having the same thing...

  10. I have bought off (charmsupplies. co.uk) They have the hugest selection ranging in price from very cheap to mid range

  11. Hi Michelle.
    I've e-mailed you a link to some I found on Ebay. Hope it helps.
    Viv xx


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