18 March 2020

Craft Room Labelling with the Cricut Joy

Hello here, today I have something a little different to share with you, I thought I would share how I have labelled some storage boxes in my craft room using the Cricut Joy. If you haven't seen my video on using the Cricut Joy for cardmaking, you may want to check that out here.

The Cricut Joy can be used with new smart labels but I do not have any of those just yet. I thought instead I would create labels from removable vinyl and simply stick them to the boxes. These boxes I use for assignments and for putting new products in when they arrive. So let's get into how to make them …
The first to do is grab the products that you want to use - The Cricut Joy, the mat (if using one), the material being cut - Cricut Black Removable Vinyl and the storage boxes.
The next thing is to create the labels in Cricut Design Space. I simply typed them using the font tool and changed the size. I then clicked on attach, so that the labels/words would cut out on the mat one below the other. This is helpful when cutting the pieces out later on.
I then clicked on Make It and picked whether I was using a mat or no mat (the Cricut Joy can cut mat-less using smart materials). In this instance I was using a mat as I wanted to use a full-size roll of removable vinyl.
I removed the clear protective sheet from the mat and stuck down the vinyl. Top tip - add a sticker to the front of the protective sheet so that you know which way to put it back on to try and avoid dirt and dust getting on the mat.
I then picked the material from the list. Removable vinyl is not listed, so I just picked the Premium Vinyl setting. I then pressed to feed the mat into the Cricut Joy and then it started cutting.
These did take some time to cut as they are very intricate but it was great just to leave them cutting while I got on with something else.
Once cut, you need to remove the vinyl from the mat. Because vinyl has quite a tough backing, you could probably just remove the vinyl from the front of the mat, but it is good to get into a habit of removing the mat from the material, rather than the other way around. This helps to prevent warping and bending.
I then grabbed my Cricut BrightPad. Not only is this light pad perfect for lots of different things around the craft room, it is great for using with weeding. As you can see, the light shines through the cut lines so it is easy to see where you are weeding (removing the excess vinyl). In this case, the letters are fairly straight forward but it helps massively with more intricate designs.
Using the weeding tool from the Cricut Joy Basic Tool Set, I removed the inside pieces from the letters. The words/labels were then cut in to strips.
Next you need to add the letters/words on to Cricut Transfer Tape. This is so that you can pick up the transfer tape (which is clear) and place the vinyl on to whatever you are adding it to, and you can clearly see where to place it down.
The only thing left to do is to place the labels on to the boxes. I did eye-ball these, if you wanted them to be more precise, you can definitely measure them. I placed the vinyl (attached to the transfer tape) on to the front of the box and then using the scraper tool (from the Cricut Joy Basic Tool Set), I burnished the vinyl on to the box and then peeled away the transfer tape.

This is the before - some of the boxes had labels made with a label maker but I had not got round to adding labels to them all. There is absolutely nothing wrong with how these look but I do really like how the new labels turned out:

Here are the links to what I have used for this project. Affiliate links are used on some products. This means that if you make a purchase after clicking on my link, I receive a small commission with no extra cost to you. I truly appreciate your support when using these links. Please click on the logo below the product to shop at your favourite store. All products were personally purchased except those from Clearly Besotted, Hero Arts or those marked with an asterisk (*) which were kindly sent to me to use. You can read my full disclosure here.
As mentioned, they are not perfect and I may have to adjust one or two but overall, I really like how they look and they were really easy to make using the Cricut Joy. Thanks so much for stopping by to see me today, I really do appreciate it. I hope you have a great day and stay safe!


  1. So a couple of things. One. These look fab! Two. I like this idea for keeping DT stuff organized. Three. The 'new' bin is nowhere big enough for all the stuff I've ordered and haven't been able to play with yet! lol! Stay safe, my friend!

  2. I think the new labels look really smart and it's great you can change the sizes and fonts etc. The new boxes look fab! Loved your tutorial Michelle xx

  3. Hello there, that is great that you want to purchase a Cricut machine. I love mine! I'm sorry, no, I don't have a list like that. I do have an introduction to the Cricut Joy here - https://www.cardgrotto.com/2020/03/video-cricut-joy-introduction.html and also an review of the Cricut maker here - https://www.cardgrotto.com/2019/03/review-cricut-maker.html (please note that there is a Cricut Maker 3 out now that can cut at a longer length than the original Maker) that might help you out. It really depends on what you want to cut and what size. The Joy is perfect for making labels from vinyl, cardstock, paper and other materials. If you wanted to cut wood, fabric, vinyl and lots of other materials and at a larger size, you would want to think about the Cricut Maker. An expert on the subject is Jennifer Maker. She is a wonderful resource for all things Cricut, as is Crifty Crafty.


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