8 March 2008


I received some gorgeous PIF (Pass It Forward) from Vicki and Natalie this week - thank you so much ladies! The top one is from Vicki (apologies for forgetting to take a photo of the ribbon!) and the bottom one is from Natalie. They are both really great :0) So, you know what to do, the first 3 UK entrants to leave a comment on this post will get some PIF from me too! As most people have had a go now I am happy that those people do not have to pass it on as well as this thing could go on forever!!

And the PIF goes to ... Tracy, Natalie, Sarah and Pam - I know that there is four but it was my fault for not modertaing my comments quick enough! Ladies, could you please e-mail me your addresses and I will get them out to you as soon as possible! :0)


  1. They look great Michelle. You lucky thing

  2. I am so glad you recieved it all ok. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. x

  3. They look really good. I like the signature at the bottom of the post too.
    xx :0)

  4. Hi Michelle i'd love to have a go at this one please ...... not quite sure what i'm doing yet but i'll muddle my way through it. ;-))

  5. Hi Michelle, I don't have a blog but if you're happy not for me to PIF then please think of me! Lots of love, Denise x

  6. sorry I missed it - two in a row - yours and Natalies!!


  7. Great PIF Michelle, I'm sure you'll have a great time using all your fab goodies! x

  8. How sweet! Lucky you! I want to see all the goodies you make with your new stash!!


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