27 January 2008

Colour Pencils and Sansador (Updated)

I have heard loads of people raving about Sansador recently so I thought I would give it a go (yes, I know I am WAY behind everyone else!). A little while ago I bought some odourless mineral spirits and had a go with my pencils; it came out ok but not how I thought it would after seeing everyone elses lovely creations. Sue kindly gave me the info that I need Sansador by Winsor & Newton so I managed to get some in my lunch hour and had a quick play with these lovely ducks by High Hopes. I know most people use it with the Prismacolor pencils from the US but I have the UK equivelent by Derwent called Coloursoft.; these also have a high pigment but you do pay for what you get as these are quite expensive.

I have had a few people ask me how I actually used the Sansador with the pencils. I am afraid to say that I do not have the time to fully explain at the moment but I will definately see if I can do it later in the week ...

Basically, I coloured with the pencils around the inside of the lines and dipped my paper stump into the Sansador. In a circluar motion in blended the colour into the centre of the image. I wanted the insides of the image ie. the duck's belly to be lighter as I think this gives it a better shape and not so flat looking. If I wanted colour the other way around ie. darker in the inside I would have coloured there and draged the colour out to blend. I did have to dip the paper stump into the Sansador quite a few times, I don't know if this is normal or not though. Also, just one more quick point, the Sansador did seep through the back of the card slightly so be careful of any nice surfaces! I did dry absolutely fine though. Like I said I will see if I can get a better explanation done later in the week if you would still like one.


  1. You did a great job on these! Who would have thought as adults we would spend so much time COLORING!!

  2. Fab colouring, I love using Sansador

  3. They are great! I've been reading loads recently about sansdor but am not sure how you're supposed to use it. Any tips?

  4. oh wow Michelle these came out great! Look forward to seeing the finished cards ;)

    Btw did you use a paintbrush / aquabrush or something else?

    Thanks, Pootle x

  5. Great job Michelle, much more sucsessful than my attemps.I have Derwent pecils but not the right ones..something else for my wish list!!! Sue :o)

  6. Wonderful work! He's so cute!!!

  7. You're colouring looks great! you talk about a 'paper stump'....what is that please?

  8. Your colouring on the ducks looks fantastic, well done :) I just this minute heard of Sansador and found you through Google, so thanks very much for the info, lolol, now comes the scary part of pricing up Sansador and high-pigment pencils ;)
    Susan :)


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