9 September 2007

My Craft Room

I thought I would share some photo's of my craft room with you. I love looking at other people's craft rooms, it gives me lots of ideas about how to organise mine. I am forever re-arranging my room but this is what it looks like at the moment! Please feel free to leave any comments below or ask any questions!

This is my main desk that I craft on. As you can see it is big enough to have my tools and bits at the back but still have enough room at the front to actually create! I have my Cuttlebug and Sizzix Sidekick on there plus all the tools I need regularly. The little blue drawer unit was a present from my Aunt when I first starting crafting, it hold my tools at the top and the drawers hold embellishments. Directly to the right is my QuicKutz folder then my purple drawers from Next. These hold my adhesives, embellishments, card blanks rub-ons and tools. On top of that is my silver tin which holds all my peel offs in dividers. Below my desk are more drawers which you can see below.

Above the desk is my Prima Flowers shelf, I am addicted to these beauties but have said to myself that I cannot buy any more as there is no room on my shelf for them! Here is also a close up of one of the drawers from the purple cabinet. As you can see this is my embellishment drawer which has all sorts of goodies in it!

These are the drawers that are below my desk. The bottom two hold more card blanks, the ones in the middle hold my punches and the top one holds my large Sizzix and QuicKutz dies.

This is my computer desk. The CD rack holds my See D's stamps as well as my computer CDs. the white small tin on the right holds my Cuttlebug dies. Directly to the left of the desk is my white cabinet where I hold my rubber stamps.

This is a close up of my stamp cabinet that i got from Ikea. I have drawers for different manufacters, except for my clear and unmounted stamps which have their own drawer. I also keep my acrylic blocks in the bottom drawer. The purple box on the top holds paper pads.

This is the other side of the room. The filing cabinet holds my A4 card and papers inclusing mulberry, metallic, handmade etc. the cabinet also holds other documents, it is not ALL filed with card (I wish!). On top of the cabinet is my 12x12" stackable trays. They hold all my precious Bazzill and Doodlebug card stock by colour. The bottom two trays are for patterned paper and the top is paper pads. To the right is my Sizzlits dies. The shelving unit holds mainly by books for university but one holds my craft magazines and the boxes that hold my ink pads. On top of the shelving unit is my ribbon box (which you can see a close up of below) and my Whispers marker pens. The two small tins contain chipboard shapes/letters/numbers and the big one on the right is for all my off-cuts and scraps of card/paper.

And last but not least is a close up of my ribbon box. It is by Cropper Hopper and is one of the best things I have ever bought. Since this picture has been taken I have filled it up to the brim and I am currently looking to buy another one!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my craft room and I would love to see any pictures of your craft room, please leave a coment with a link to your pictures!


  1. Michelle your craft room is amazing, so need and tidy too :)
    Sonia x

  2. ALL I can say is wow wow & wow!! and how organised everything is!!.I am soooo jealous!! LOL

  3. Wow, Michelle, what a well stocked - yet incredibly tidy - craft room. You can feel free to come and tidy mine ANY time you like LOL!
    Love your Prima shelf and the amazing ribbon store.
    Itching to peek in the rest of your stamp drawers though * wink*

  4. Boo hoo hoo!! Wish I had my own room!! Think I'll have to wait til the kids leave home but seeing as the eldest is 11 that could be a while, LOL!!

    Your room is great,love all the storage!!

  5. That sure is one tidy craft room!! I tidy mine, then I create and it ends up messy again! Love your Primas and ribbon drawer - you have sooo much stash!

  6. Lovely craft room but far too tidy to craft in lol!! ooooh I'd so love to go for a nosey in your stamp drawers!!

    Love your room and how organised it all is... I have a room but it's shared as a spare room for guests and I have to share it with OH so I don't get all the space I'd like!

  7. It shouldn't be allowed to have a craft room that neat and organazed!! lol

    I'm just so jealous, wish I had one that looked like that. So much storage.

    Might have to get my hubby to have a look at your blog just so that he can see what my craft space could look like if I had a proper room and storage too. I feel a garage conversion coming on!! lol

  8. Lol wish my room was as tidy as yours!!!

    Just found your blog you have made some beautiful cards.

  9. I'm coming to have a peek in your stamp drawer< lots of PB's i see :O) lol

  10. OMG How amazingly organised you are, I can't believe my eyes such tidyness all about, I have brusies all over me where I trip constantly over my mess!!!! lol

  11. I'm a little late in looking at your Blog which I've found through Fe-Fe's Blog...

    Very impressed with your site, you've got some beautiful cards - very professional looking; and I just can't believe how organised you are! The ribbon tidy is especially impressive, colour coded or what!!! Lucky you having so much space and storage, I'm green with envy... :-)

    I'd also love to look in your stamp drawers!

  12. I, like you, love to be organised with my craft and gift wrapping supplies. I love the Cropper Hopper Ribbon holder. could you let me know here you purchased it from??


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