28 April 2014

Back To Basics: Where I Purchase From - Part 1

Hello there, so sorry for my lack of posts and videos recently but my university work had to come first. I am sure you can all understand that. Well the essay has been handed in so I can now get back to card making and video making - yay! :)
Today I thought I would get back to my Back To Basics series and talk about where I buy my craft products from. If you watch my haul videos you will have a good idea of where I am buy things recently and I also link to the products I have used on cards here on my blog. I don't get to talk about their customer service and why I like them though so I thought I would start that today. It is in two parts as I didn't want the videos to be too long.
If you are just interested in the video please see below as I am really just talking about in writing here as there may be some of you who do not want to see the video (does that make sense?!).
P&P/Shipping rates are based on delivery to the UK:
This is mainly the only shop I buy from in America now. They have such a wide range of products that I do not feel the need to shop elsewhere. As well as having their own range of exclusive products (which I love!) they also sell a wide range of other products. For me, their shipping costs are pretty good to the UK from the US. Orders under £29.50 ship for £8.80 (approximately) and I think that is pretty good as this can include heavier items like cardstock. I have hard of people waiting quite a long time for their orders but apart from one, my orders have shipped out very quickly.
This is one of my favourite ever craft shops. They sell a wide range of products from ink pads to papers, dies to embellishments and everything in between. Their shipping/P&P is reasonable at £1 for order under £10, up to £3 for orders £30-£39.99. Any orders over £40 is free. They have excellent customer service. I have emailed them on a few occasions and had responses very quickly. Most of the time my orders will ship on the day of purchase and arrive the next day. I LOVE that! :)
Another great shop with a wide selection of craft products., I have found myself purchasing from them a lot recently. They sell loads of items ranging from paper pads, to dies, to ink pads to sprays and stencils. P&P is £1.75 for light items, otherwise it is £2.95 on orders under £40 or free over £40. They have great customer service.
One of the newer shops around but has those hard to get products. They sell the Hero Arts Shadow Inks which only one other UK shop has, they also sell a wide range of stamps and dies as well as my favourite Doodlebug items. P&P is £2 on all orders below £35 and free for all orders above that. Great customer service again.
Another shop selling a wide range of products, my go-to place for the Tim Holtz range. As far as I have found so far they have the cheapest price on the Distress Inks in the UK (as well as the shop below!). Their P&P is £2 on orders below £20 and free above. I have emailed them on a few occasions and always had a response very quickly.
My go-to place or anything die or die cutting machine related. I bought my Cuttlebug from here and I also buy all my cutting plates etc. here. They sell a lot dies as well as Do Crafts items and much more. They also sell the TH Distress Inks at a great price. P&P is free in the UK. They ship items out so quickly, almost always I get it the next day which I love!
Here is the video:
 That's it for part one, I will be back (hopefully, YT upload permitting) with part two on Friday. Thanks so much for visiting me today!


  1. Excellent video, it's nice to know where other people shop from. Rebecca x

  2. I totally agree with you re Glitterpot service. Although I have had a couple of orders with issues, they have been dealt with promptly with great service (once, a tub of glue burst during shipping and they would have replaced the whole order, although the rest had been packaged so well that nothing was damaged) I am keen to try Simon Says, but worried about customs charges. Do you not find that totally outweighs any benefit?

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Hope there were not too many late nights working on the essay :-)!

    Apart from Craft Mojo, I've bought from all the other online retailers and echo the comments that you've made about them.

    I did actually visit The Glitter Pot in person on a couple of occasions when on holiday in that part of the UK and I was like a kid in a sweetshop.


    Pauline x


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