18 April 2017

My Monthly Hero International Shipping

Hello there, today I have an exciting announcement to share. Hero Arts have reduced their international shipping for My Monthly Hero Kit subscribers.

If you subscribe to the kit, shipping internationally will now be $9.99 for my UK peeps, that is approx. £7.95 (depending on exchange rate) which I think is an exceptional shipping cost :)
The even better news? you can add your add-ons in to that same parcel for the same shipping cost. If you love the kits but have been put off subscribing due to the postage, I hope you will now think again about it.
The new rate applies to the May kit,  you need to sign up by April 19th to receive the May kit. Nothing has changed for US subscribers, shipping is still free!
You can learn more about the subscription service HERE and subscribe HERE. Thanks for popping by today. I hope you have a great day!


  1. I assume we still incur duty and VAT + Royal Mail 'handling fees' this end Michelle? Can you tell me how much that amounts to please? I usually find that the 'extras' we have to pay this end prohibitively expensive. Thanks. Hazel xx
    My Card Attic

    1. Hi Hazel, yes the normal VAT and Royal Mail Handling Fee will still be charged. I am not sure what that amount will be, sorry. It will depend on if you buy any add-ons with it or not. I would estimate that VAT will be about £3-6 (depending on if they count postage costs or not, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't) and the RM fee is £8 so I am guessing about £12 upwards. Sorry I cannot give you a definite answer on that amount xx

  2. Thanks for getting back so quickly Michelle! That RM 'handling fee' is a real killer :( Thank you for the info though! Have a great week! Hazel xx

  3. Oh goodness, this is dangerous for me! Although that £8 Royal Mail fee makes me mad every time... but it is definitely worth considering the kits now. Thanks for keeping us posted, Lisa xx


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