27 February 2015

Planner Accessories: What I Use and How I Use Them

Hello there, last week I posted a mini planner haul on my You Tube channel. I was later asked what stamps I use in my planner so I thought I would make a quick video sharing what accessories and I use and how I use them.

I will be honest here ... my planner is not a pretty one but it is very functional for me. I love the look of pages that people decorate and nice colourful inserts but for my needs, I just use plain old Filofax inserts (plus a couple others for other uses, not weekly pages). These are black and white and not very interesting to look at but hey are functional. I use the Filofax Time Management inserts for my weekly calendar.
I use these because I do not always have set days I need to do things. Most of the set days are either work, university, blog posts/DT commitments or appointments. I do not need a big section for this since I usually just add a sticker to that day. Where I love having a big space though, is for to-dos/list making. I am a big list maker and these inserts provide me a large space to add my to-dos for the week and I can tick them off as I go.
I do use a few planner stamps . I do not stamp these directly on the page as the Filofax pages are very thin. I stamp them on stickers instead. The two I use are: Waffle Flower Planner: Stay Focussed - I use this often for stamping words like 'pay day', and Studio L2E Iconic - I love this for adding little icons to remember to do something, for example, take medication and water the plants.
Here is the video showing how I use them in my planner:

Here are some of the products shown in the video. Please click on the pictures to be taken to where I purchased it from.

I hope that this has been of some interest to you. Normal card making will resume tomorrow!


  1. You are so organised! I love the ideas, and think I might have to get some of the little stickers for the calendar - I tend to forget which bin goes out on which day.

  2. Hey Michelle!! Thanks for sharing. I just bought a new planner so I'm going to see how I can incorporate some of your techniques into my planner.

  3. Hi loved this video Michelle thanks for sharing xx


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