9 April 2011

A Little About Me Updated

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I thought I'd come on here and just update for those who sent me lovely wishes on my post below. I had my lumbar puncture and the pressure was high confirming that my BIH has come back sadly. The procedure didn't go to plan and they had to have numerous attempts and doing it, this has left me in a lot of pain and it is only now that I have been able to sit up for short while. I have another week off work next week but then hopefully I should be back there. The one procedure does not appear to have cured it and the doctors believe I will need another one. For the time being I am just trying to take things easy.

Before my procedure I did manage to make my mum her Mother's Day card and I should be back on here shortly to share that with you.


  1. I hope you are soon feeling better michelle.
    Love the cards xx Jan

  2. Sorry to hear that your BIH has come back Michelle! Take it easy & hope you're not in too much pain!
    Hugs, Vicky ~x~

  3. Oh hunny, poor you, nothing worse when they cannot get needles in to the right place!!!! ouch, hope you are feeling a little better in yourself, rest and take it easy - sending you lots of hugs :) x

  4. Oh Michelle, you poor poor thing! But I'm glad you were able to post today and give us a wee update, I hope each day gets easier for you and your next treatment works 100%!!

    Take care and looking forward to seeing your mother's day card!

    Big hugs Roni :O) xoxo

  5. You poor poor girl how awful for you i guess you are in pain after that x
    i wish you a speedy recovery take care Michelle x
    suzie Qx

  6. So sorry things didn't go as planned and I hope that things go better soon. Big Hugs, Heather

  7. Sorry to hear about the BIH and pain from your procedure. Rest up and know people are praying for you. Hugs, Tanja in Aust.

  8. Hey sweetie, i hope that your are feeling a bit better now, {HUGS} can they not put a shunt in to stop it from happening? hugs pops x x x

  9. Poor you, hope you are feeling a little better taking it easy. Enjoy your week off - they soon go quick! xx

  10. Sorry things didn't go as you'd hoped. Thinking of you and sending you very best wishes for better luck in the future.

  11. Hello Michelle! I'm so sorry to hear about your back - sounds awful! Hope you are back to your 100% self soon!


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