13 August 2010

MIA ...

Apologies for having been missing in action recently. I just thought I'd leave you a little explanation. As some of you know, for the past (almost) two years I have been experiencing kidney problems and have numerous tests etc which has come up with nothing. I had another scan done the other day and have some exploratory surgery due in September. All this has really been playing havoc with my mojo. My spare time seems to be going to learning to drive right now but hopefully I will get back in craft room soon as I have loads of new scrummy Dies to Die for goodies here just waiting to be played with!


  1. Hi Michelle
    Hope you feel better soon. I too suffered from kidney problems and they could never find anything. Then I had an attack at the doctors and they discovered it was my gall bladder all along and the kidney problems were because that is where the pain ends up. Had my gall bladder removed three years ago and no problems since. I hope it all gets sorted for you soon.
    Take care
    Amanda xx

  2. Sorry to hear you are under the weather, hope all goes well for you. Also hope your mojo returns. xxx

  3. Hope they find out what's wrong when you have surgery in September. I have missed your cards, but know what a pain a mojo can be!! Good luck with the driving lessons! xx

  4. I hope they are able to find out what is causing your problems and that they can treat you soon. It's horrible not knowing what is wrong and waiting. I had a lot of kidney problems whilst pregnant, it's so painful. I feel for you xxx


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